4 Signs a Wedding Venue is Not For You

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When planning for your wedding ceremony and reception, you may have read dozens of articles about how to know a venue is the right choice for you. However, you may not often see an article that covers red flags for why a venue is not for you. In this article we have approached the topic of picking your venue a little differently. We have covered below some signs to watch out for, that may mean the venue is not going to be able to provide you with what you imagined for your wedding day.

#1 Poor Customer Service

If you walk away from a venue feeling frustrated, that is a huge red flag. If the venue representative is not accommodating or willing to be flexible on certain details, they are likely to be even more challenging on the big day. If you do not feel warm butterflies and good feelings during your visit, it may be better to just opt out.

#2 Ask About Renovations

Ask the representative of the venue if there are any renovations that will be happening around the time you plan to have your wedding. It will not help with the aesthetics if there is construction, unfinished rooms or dozens of wood workers running around. Do keep in mind that even if there are no scheduled renovations at the time of signing, a project may come up by wedding day. If anything doesn’t feel right about the representative, the venue, or you feel like something is being hidden — just walk away.

#3 Inquire About Policies

If you already have a list in mind of vendors you want to hire for your wedding day, ask ahead of time if the venue requires that you choose from their vendors list instead. Do not sacrifice your preferred vendors. Just because these vendors are on their list does not mean they will be quality and meet your expectations. Some venues may even charge you a fee for straying from their list. Before signing, check this vital detail and read for any additional, sneaky fees.

#4 Venues with Negative Reviews

Check on various internet platforms for reviews on certain venues. Read reviews on facebook, instagram, google, yelp  and wedding websites. Of course, most businesses may have a negative review here and there, as some people just are not able to please. But, if every review of the venue is below par, be wary. If you are still interested, see how old the reviews are. If the comments were posted years ago, and new management or improvements have been made, it may be better service and quality now.

You wedding day is going to be filled with love and support, regardless of if things run perfectly or not. Remember to not sweat the small stuff, and that the day is about the love you will be sharing with your significant other for a lifetime. The staff at Metropol, a wedding venue Glendale, CA offers, are friendly, accommodating, and do what they can to make the day as special as you imagined.

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