4 Tips for Couples Beginning Their Search for a Wedding Venue

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If you have been recently engaged or have finally decided to seriously start making plans for your wedding, then congratulations! While you may have heard from others that wedding planning can be incredibly stressful, do keep in mind that it can also be plenty of fun. This is a time where you and your soon-to-be-spouse can express who you are as a couple to loved ones by celebrating together on one big and special day. Couples who have just began to slowly make decisions for their wedding may have created a long list of to-do tasks. Perhaps one of the most important decisions a couple shall make is where they want to have the celebration.

Here in the article below, we have listed four tips to help couples get started planning for their celebration of love.

#1 Set an Approximate Budget

If you do not know your venue budget, it can be difficult to choose what works best. Calculate a general idea of what your overall wedding budget looks like, then decide how much of that you want to go towards a venue. Every couple is different for what kind of venue they feel showcases who they are. Some prefer a smaller, thriftier wedding spot while others want to indulge in a place with fancy flair.

#2 Envision Your Ideal Location

Have fun dreaming up what your ideal location, city, state and scenery looks like for your wedding. Try to not get caught up in what your family members or friends may want you to choose. Think about what you want, for yourself. Do you envision a sunset beach ceremony? Do you want to be surrounding my nature? Or do you want something more traditional, like a beautiful and expansive church? You may want to ask yourself these questions before taking venue tours of options.

#3 Consider Customer Service

If you decide to schedule a venue tour in-person, take note of the level of customer service you receive. Do you feel accommodated, or is the representative raising his or her eyebrows over your requests? If the wedding staff are making you feel judged or trying to convince you to completely change your vision, you may want to book somewhere else instead.

#4 Review Comments Online

Do an internet search and take a look at the reviews from other couples who have gotten married at a potential venue. Of course, not every person can be completely satisfied, but there may be some reviews that have more substance. Comments that involve the venue staff being rude to guests, forgetting crucial parts of the wedding celebration or being outright inflexible, this may not be the place for you two. If the negative comments were posted many years ago, and it seems that things may have changed since then (new management, attempts at resolving issues, or renovations), then you can give it a chance. You can even express your concerns to the wedding representative, and see what the response entails.

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