9 Tips When it Comes to Booking and Decorating Your Wedding Venue




For the majority of couples, picking the right venue for their wedding can the most essential part of the planning process. Some couples book the first venue they take a tour at, while others do not find the right one for them until a dozen or so later. Each couple is different on what kind of property they want to host such a special occasion. It can be easy for a couple to feel overwhelmed at the idea of narrowing down the perfect location for them. Here in the article below, we have listed nine tips to consider when it comes to booking and decorating your wedding venue.


#1 Go With Your Gut

It cannot be emphasized enough that couples may want to choose a wedding location that feels right to them, even if others disagree. The day is about you, and your love!


#2 Do Not Listen to Others

Family and friends may have their own ideas about what they think your wedding should be like. Weddings can bring out the insecurities and visions of other people. The couple soon-to-wed may want to remember that ultimately the decisions should be about what they want, not anybody else.


#3 Stay Within Budget

If you go over budget on flowers, dress, or decor then this may mean you have much less to invest into the venue you always imagined for yourself. Stay within your means!


#4 Real or Fake Flowers?

A common debate during wedding planning is whether to get real or fake flowers. There are pros and cons to each. Real flowers smell good and are vibrant, while crafty flowers can be significantly less expensive.


#5 Traditional, or Alternative?

Decide as a couple whether you want a traditional, religious, spiritual, alternative or even flat-out funky wedding celebration. Once you decide what vibe you want, it can help you pick which venue reflects that energy.


#6 Envision Your Dream Wedding

Do not be afraid to imagine what the best possible wedding venue would be for you as a couple. If you have always dreamed of getting married in a fancy castle but that is quite out of your budget, maybe a smaller scale property with a vintage building could work instead!


#7 Keep Costs Down with DIY

A couple may be able to save a large chunk of change by creating things themselves. Depending on what it is you want to build, sometimes the cost to make it yourself is substantially less than buying it in the store.


#8 Customer Service

Never forget the importance of friendly and flexible wedding venue staff. If they are rude the day you take a tour, that is unlikely to change the day of your wedding.


#9 Maximum Capacity

When browsing wedding reception venues in Glendale, CA, you may want to check the maximum guest capacity for the space before scheduling a tour in-person. You may be wasting your time if you find out your guest list greatly surpasses how many people the property can hold.


Thanks to Metropol for their insight into wedding venues and decorating.


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