A Wedding Officiant Who Believes in Love

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The wedding ceremony is the most important component of a celebration for many couples. Friends, family and loved ones gather together to witness the joining of two people in matrimony at a modern wedding venue Los Angeles, CA residents choose at Metropol. Amidst the stress of choosing a gown, cake decorations, sending out invitations, flowers and caterer, the decision of picking a wedding officiant can easily fall to the wayside. Since the exchange of vows is such a key moment for a couple, it is wise to consult with a wedding planner about potential officiants before time runs out!

Here we have gathered some things to think about before making your final officiant decision.

The Personality You Are Looking For

Before starting the officiant interview process, talk with your significant other about the kind of personality you both are looking for. Some couples like the presence of someone more official and traditional, while other wants a more informal and light-hearted energy. The chemistry between you both and your officiant can add more depth to the ceremony.

Choose an Officiant You Trust

If a potential officiant seems aloof and flaky, keep looking. You want to hire someone that you feel is trustworthy and is confident in performing wedding ceremonies. If you do not trust that this person will provide you with a beautiful and blissful experience, it may be best to just move on.

Qualities to Consider

With the stress of planning, you may feel pressured by outside opinions to pick a certain kind of officiant. Friends and family may be overwhelming you with recommendations or advice. Even though this is well-intentioned, focus on what you and your partner prefer. Perhaps you were raised in a religious home, but now realize you want a non-traditional ceremony. This may disappoint some loved ones who have strong stances about religion, but you have to remember this is your day.

Being Open to Requests & Personalizing

The ideal wedding officiant will be flexible when it comes to taking some requests from you and your other half. A wedding officiant can get to know you both as a couple better, in order to create a more personalized ceremony. Do not be afraid to let your officiant know if there is anything you absolutely do, or do not want said. Keep in mind that some officiants will be less accommodating than others, depending on their beliefs.

The big day will come much sooner than you think, so give yourself plenty of planning time so you can make the right decisions for you. Rushing through your interviews or having to hire an officiant last minute may mean you settle for someone who is not quite what you are looking for.

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