Banquet Hall in Glendale CA

Banquet Hall Glendale CAIf you are looking for a banquet hall Glendale CA residents frequently turn to Metropol. Boasting ample space, parking, accessibility, premium lighting, quality sound, catering options, and a team of knowledgeable, creative staff, Metropol is a leading Glendale banquet hall that has successfully hosted events for years.

Things to Consider When Planning a Banquet

A banquet is an event that brings people and organizations together to for a dinner or the desire to reach a common goal. Often these are held at a banquet hall Glendale CA offers and celebrate an achievement or raise money for a cause. Before hosting a banquet, it is important to plan everything in detail. The following suggestions might help you make key decisions before sending out your invitations. If you feel overwhelmed at anytime, you can contact a banquet hall Glendale CA respects such as Metropol and we will be pleased to assist you.

  • Identify the Key Attendees – Will your banquet be honoring or featuring anyone in particular? For example, if your goal is to bring awareness to a cause with the hope of raising money, you should invite representatives of the organization who will receive the funding.
  • Estimate the Number of Attendees – Before you decide upon a banquet hall in Glendale CA you should have an idea of how many guests will attend. Don’t forget to include yourself, the honorees, and your planning team.
  • Establish a Date – Taking into consideration the schedules of your attendees, you will want to establish a time and date for your banquet. Don’t forget to check to see whether or not there are any holidays or other circumstances that could conflict with your event. With this in mind you will want to book a banquet hall Glendale CA provides as soon as possible to secure that perfect date.
  • Create a Schedule – Begin with a brief introduction to welcome everyone and then begin to serve the meal. It is often a good idea to allow one hour of time for your attendees to eat and chat with other guests before starting the main program. To help you plan your schedule, identify the focus of your banquet and include it in the middle followed by closing remarks. You can then fill in the remaining events.
  • Determine a Dress Code – Some banquets have a dress code such as casual, smart casual, black tie/white tie, formal, and so forth. Your dress code may help you with the overall planning as it can guide you in a consistent direction regarding the formality of the banquet activities.
  • Send Out Invites – At this point you should have already decided whether or not there is a fee for your banquet and how much tickets will cost. You can hire a graphic designer to design beautiful invitations that captivate and spark interest. You might also want to have tickets printed as well as a printed program that can be distributed to your guests on arrival.

There are many other features that go into planning a banquet such as the theme, decor, food, beverages, and more. For the perfect banquet make sure you allow time to precisely plan everything out. If you would like to know more about Metropol, a banquet hall Glendale CA event planners rely on, please email or contact us via our website.

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