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FAQ: What are some theme ideas for a gala event?

banquet hall Glendale CAMetropol, a banquet hall Glendale CA residents trust, frequently hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions; however, we also rent our space out to companies and organizations hosting a gala. A gala is a formal event often organized to raise money for a cause. Sometimes they are held to celebrate a launch of a brand or to present awards.

Galas typically have a theme and will involve all kinds of entertainment. If you are planning on holding a gala, but don’t have a theme, we’ve provided you with a few ideas to help get you started. When you’re ready to schedule a tour of our Glendale banquet hall, please contact Metropol to speak with an associate about our venue.

Theme Idea 1: A Masquerade

Masquerades are one of the most popular themes for a gala. They are stylish and support a formal attire. The overall atmosphere of a banquet hall Glendale CA locals rely on is also ready to host a gala and will have had significant experience in preparing for the masquerade. Red or deep purple carpet, exquisite decor, live music, performances, ballroom dances, and of course masks are some elements to include in your masquerade themed gala.

Theme Idea 2: The Secret Garden

Embark on a journey through a secret garden theme. Recreate a garden at your banquet hall in Glendale CA using real plants and flowers. Considering contrasting dark elegant backdrops against the illuminated outlines of your decor. Add a spotlight on the stage and center lighting over the tables and seats to complement the natural flora surrounding you. This will be a gala to remember.

Theme Idea 3: The Great Gatsby

Take you gala back into to the stylish 1920s. Sophisticated fashion, stunning centerpieces, and elaborate decorations will keep things ultra classy. Consider using subtle yet rich color combinations such as gold, silver, black, and white. Don’t forget to ask guests to wear black tie attire, elegant dresses, and feathers.

Theme Idea 4: The Grand Gala

Keep to the classic style of galas with the Grand theme. This is a perfect theme for a corporate gala dinner. A modern banquet hall Glendale CA couples recommend should offer a sophisticated atmosphere complimented by contrasting colors, subtle lighting, and tasteful decor.

Theme Idea 5: A Night On Broadway

If you’re planning on including different performing acts into your gala, why not go all the way and host a Broadway-themed gala. Imagine stage acting, dancing, rich colors, and lots of lights. Lavish decor, drapery, and big centerpieces on the table will look amazing. Add in a few props like a directors board, film roll, directors chair, and so forth. Consider a charity auction of autographed pictures or props used by famous Broadway stars.

Do You Need a Banquet Hall Glendale CA Families Depend on to Host Your Gala Event? Call Metropol

Regardless of what type of event you are planning, Metropol provides an elegant setting for any occasion. To turn your idea into a memorable moment, please contact us for further details or to schedule a tour of our banquet hall Glendale CA provides.

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