What Are My Catering Options For My Wedding?

What Are My Catering Options For My Wedding?

What are my catering options for my wedding?

As you’re planning your special day, you may be wondering what kind of catering options are available to you. Really, your options are unlimited and at Metropol Banquet,we can create a menu that reflects you and your beloved’s wishes. Here are some things to consider when deciding what catering arrangement will work best for your wedding.

Choose a Theme

When choosing a theme for catering, very often it reflects the wedding’s overall theme. The possibilities for themes are endless. What may work best to choose the right theme is to sit down with your fiancé and identify something that is important to the both of you.


  •         How you met or fell in love. Was it on a cruise ship vacation? Consider making your wedding a cruise theme, something like the old television show Love Boat. Catering options might include Caribbean drinks and traditional foods.
  •         Your shared passion. Do you both love historical reenactments? Your theme might be frontier America with food that reflects this such as bison, corn on the cob, and chicken wings.
  •         Your shared ethnic background. If you are both Mexican-American, you could decorate your event venue with traditional garments and serve homemade enchiladas and provide an open taco bar. In fact, you could request the catering company to prepare the food using a family member’s most loved recipes.
  •         Tie in with a calendar event. If you’re getting married on Valentine’s Day, you can festoon the event venue with red and white hearts and balloons. At each place setting the caterer can include candy hearts. The cake can resemble a giant heart.


Food Restrictions?


Most people have preferences about the food they eat, and some people have dietary restrictions. There are different ways to handle this, and it may depend on your event’s budget. For instance, you could offer meal alternatives and request that when guests RSVP they notify you of special requests. Catering options that consider special needs might include:


  •         Vegetarian
  •         Meat Lover
  •         Vegan
  •         Allergen-Free: peanuts, soy, dairy, wheat, gluten, etc.


Event Venue

Believe it or not, the event venue can impact your catering choices. For instance, if you plan to have your nuptials on the beach to be immediately followed by hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, you’ll need to consider refrigeration options for the food and drinks. You can choose cooling alternatives such as coolers filled with ice, or offer food and beverages that do not need refrigeration, even under a hot sun. If your wedding will take place in an indoor venue, this is not as much of an issue. In addition, an event venue will have electrical outlets and possibly a kitchen available to the caterers.


Give us a call at Metropol Banquet to discuss your catering questions and choices. We can help you create the perfect wedding, with catering options to match your budget and dreams. Contact us today at (818) 241-5432 to speak with a catering specialist who can provide you with the guidance you need to plan your special day.

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