Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Event

Event Catering Glendale, CA

The food served at an event can make or break the event. After the fact, the guests’ memories will almost certainly include references to the food if it was terrible, and in equal amounts, if the food was amazing. And like it or not, if the food is bad they will likely associate it with the event organizer more so than the caterer. Choosing the best caterer for your particular event is the goal. We hope the below information is helpful as you make a decision on a caterer.

Choose Your Menu

Rather than deciding what food to serve at your event based on the caterer’s specialties, choose a caterer based on the menu you want to provide guests. After you’ve decided on the food you want to serve, contact caterers in your area and ask if they have experience preparing the menu of your choosing. Don’t take the caterer’s word for it; when you narrow down your choices to three or less, ask the caterer to provide samples. At the very least, request references from previous clients for whom the caterer prepared similar foods to your menu.

Dietary and Beverage Restrictions

If you know of any guests to your event who have dietary or beverage restrictions, ask prospective caterers if they can accommodate those needs. In anticipation of some people who may need food or drink alternatives, consider offering them even if not requested. For example, in any large crowd there are bound to be people who do not drink alcohol so have non-alcoholic drinks available. If your menu features meat dishes, offer vegetarian alternatives. It is also good to avoid certain foods that can be extremely allergic to some people such as peanuts.


Very likely you have a budget for your event. Depending on the amount of your budget and your other anticipated costs such as the venue rental, live band, photographer, etc. you should have an estimate in mind of what you can spend on the caterer services. When you ask the caterer for a cost breakdown, be sure to ask if there are any additional fees or costs that they had not provided you. Ask if you need to pay a deposit, and how much it will be and by when you need to pay it as well as the balance. If their cost is out of your budget, you can consider modifying your menu, or you can move on to another caterer.

Reserving the Date

Event catering Glendale, CA offers at Metropol can be in high demand, especially at certain times of the year such as wedding or graduation season. For this reason, it’s important that once you decide which caterer you want to hire that you approach them immediately to find out their availability for the date of your event. If they are available, be sure to reserve their services without delay.

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