Choosing the Catering Company

American Food Catering Glendale, CA

When you are seeking a catering company for your event there are some things you should consider. The following can help you to find the ideal caterer for your wedding, fundraiser, corporate meeting, or another event.

6 Tips to Select the Catering Company

Availability – Before you decide on the caterer, you need to check whether or not they can provide their services to you on the day of the event. If they are, be sure to ask about reserving and the payment process. You should be given some kind of assurance that you have acquired the date and the payment. Don’t forget to discuss your catering requirements with the event venue to work with the caterer you have in mind.

Dietary Requirements – Most catering companies offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options, but it will be up to you to confirm whether or not you want to provide special meals to your guests and which guests will require them. You will also want to confirm that the catering company can meet to these dietary requirements.

Staff – Many catering companies hire staff for events. You will want to confirm that the staff are professional and will be briefed prior to the event. If you are looking for something extra special, you might want to hire a food stylist. This person can work with the chef to ensure the food is prepared in the right way and also see that the waiters and waitresses understand how the dishes should be served.

Budget – One of the most important things to consider before choosing a caterer is budget. Ask for a quote from the caterers you are considering as well as any options that are available. If you have a modest budget, you should inform them so they create a package that matches your requirements. Don’t forget to review the inclusions and exclusions of the caterer; for instance, taxes, tableware, linen, staff, etc.

Food – As you decide on the caterer for your event, you should review the quality of their food. Ask for a portfolio and whether or not you can schedule a tasting in advance. You can also inquire about the sustainability of the produce and whether or not the season could impact the overall meal.

Experience – This aspect should not be overlooked. Your caterer should have experience in the type of event you are hosting. Review their website, social media, or other review sites to find out what past clients are saying.

YOUR Vision Matters!

It is important that your caterer understands what your vision is. Furthermore, he or she should listen to your ideas and objections.The caterers experience, creativity, and knowledge can build upon this foundation so that your event is perfect

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