Creative Catering Ideas For A Beach Event

American Food Catering Glendale, CA

When searching for the ideal company for American food catering in Glendale, CA from Metropol for your beach event, first decide on the type of cuisine you would like to have served. The type of cuisine may depend on the style of your event. If you are going for a Hawaiian theme, maybe incorporate a fruit bar or even a roasted pig! If you are having a wedding or more serious event on the beach, a classy whiskey bar could be installed to serve craft cocktails. 

Listed below are some quirky catering ideas that would enhance the overall atmosphere of your beach event:

Food Trucks – Food trucks would be perfect for a beach event since all of the food is prepared in a truck! The chefs wouldn’t have to worry about any sand or wind since they are in a completely enclosed space. If your beach venue does not have any indoor space, a food truck would be ideal. You could incorporate many different food trucks to add variety to the event! If you hire multiple food trucks, you could provide many styles of cuisine that would please the palates of all guests. Food trucks you may consider could provide pizza, Mexican food, Asian fusion cuisine, or even crepes!

Vintage Ice Cream Van – A vintage ice cream van would certainly add some pizzazz to your beach event. Not only would it be appealing for kids, but adults would also appreciate a cold treat to cool them off in the heat of the beach sun.

“Create Your Own” Bar – Any “create your own” style bar is always a crowd pleaser. If one of your guests has food allergies, a “create your own” bar would cater to their needs while also providing delectable cuisine for everyone else. Listed below are only a few suggestions for a “Create Your Own” bar, but you could get as creative with it as you please! Some ideas for a “create your own” bar could be:

  • Waffles – A waffle bar may include options such as various fruits and berries, whipped cream, sprinkles, bacon, and of course syrup. A fan favorite for both children and adults!
  • Tacos – A taco bar would be ideal for any guests with celiac disease since flour tortillas could be substituted for corn tortillas or even lettuce. 
  • Salad – Even the pickiest of eaters can have peace at mind knowing there is a salad bar at the event.
  • Mac and Cheese – Make your own mac and cheese is not only fun to say, but also delicious! A mac and cheese bar could have options like bacon, broccoli, bell peppers, or even lobster.

Venues on the beach are fun for everyone, but finding a caterer that can be accommodating to a sandy and windy environment may be challenging. Inclement weather always needs to be considered while planning a beach event, so when you do hire a caterer, make sure they are fully prepared for intense winds or rain. If there is no indoor area at the beach venue, be sure your caterer is aware so they can make proper arrangements. Communication is key when planning an event no matter what the location, so be sure to inform your caterer of any pertinent information about your venue. To have a successful event, then the catering staff needs to be informed of the layout of the venue to prepare accordingly. 

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