Dietary Restrictions

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Event Catering Glendale CAGluten free, vegan, raw; nowadays it might seem as if most people have a special dietary requirement. Whether you are catering for a wedding, first communion, or corporate event, it is important that you consider the dietary requirements of all your attendees.

Metropol provides event catering for a wide variety of events. It is becoming increasingly common for clients, or their prospective guests, to consult us about various dietary needs and restrictions. This can become a challenging task for anyone who is trying to plan a successful menu for a large group of people.

The good news is that many venues, including our own, are prepared for special dietary requests when advance communication is given.

How should I address dietary requirements for my upcoming event?

If you are planning event catering for an upcoming event in Glendale CA and would like to address dietary requirements, consider the following advice from our caterers and event planners.

Knowing if Your Attendees Have Dietary Requirements

If you believe any of your guests will have dietary requirements, it will help to research and plan well ahead of time. When sending out invites, ask your guests to specify their dietary needs. You might even consider providing various options to ensure that most can be accommodated. Ask questions like:

  • Do you have any food allergies or dietary requirements?
  • Do you have a meal preference?

Keep your questions short and clear so as not to cause any confusion or delay.

Who Pays for Special Meals?

This is no easy question to answer and will realistically depend on your own situation. If the guest’s dietary request is reasonable, and within the food budget, you should cover the cost. If a guest is particularly specific about what he or she will and will not eat, they might be asked to cover or absorb a portion of the bill. An example of this would be when a guest asks for a rare ingredient that must be sourced and/or is not already a part of the menu.

How Accommodating Should You Be

How a guest remembers the event could depend on a number of factors, including the meal. Obviously you want them to leave with good memories. By going above and beyond, this will likely be the outcome. The same thing could be said for a negative experience. Do your best to accommodate the needs of your attendees. If you cannot get exactly what they asked for, try supplementing with with something similar. In general, your effort will go a long way.

Discussing Your Needs with the Venue and Caterers

Prior to your event, you should talk with the venue and caterers about meal planning. Be sure to find out how the food will be served; for example, will it be a buffet style, plated, stations, etc.

At this point you should know what meal options you will be offering. Consider whether or not you will include ingredient or dietary labels. By taking this approach you can ensure that people know what they are consuming and have the opportunity to avoid the wrong ingredient.

Once you have determined the requirements of your attendees and discussed the details with your venue and caterer, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that you have taken care of one of the most important parts of event planning. For more information about event catering Glendale CA clients recommend, contact Metropol today.

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