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Engagement Party Venues Glendale, CA Offers & Choosing Your Event Invitations

Engagement Party Venues Glendale CA

When you are searching for engagement party venues in Glendale CA, such as a wedding, fundraiser, or any other occasion that requires careful planning, it can be easy to overlook important factors because you are juggling so many tasks at once. The following tips can help you keep on track of the event and avoid the costs that are often associated with these mistakes.

  1. Begin planning for the event early.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not begin the plans for your event too soon. We often think we have much more time than we do, but when it comes to planning a big event, the more time you give yourself, the more successful your event will be. If you wait too long, you leave yourself open to a myriad of problems that can derail your event. Glendale CA engagement party venues book up quickly; it is not uncommon for dates to be filled more than a year in advance. Therefore, once you have your date set, begin looking for the venue and get it booked. Otherwise, you could find yourself very limited in venue choices.

This is also true for the other professionals you have to book, including bands, disc jockeys, photographers, caterers, and more.

Your best friend in planning an event is a planning checklist. By listing all the items that need to be addressed, you will be much more organized when it comes to staying on top of everything and help a great deal in time management.

  1. Check your schedule to make sure there are no other events already scheduled for the same day

When you have chosen the date of your event, check to make sure that there are no other events that would force your guests to have to choose which event to attend. Make sure that no other branches of the family have already scheduled an event, such as anniversary parties, graduations, or other personal events on the same day as your engagement party. 

As soon as a date has been set, couples should send out a “Save the Date” announcement to all potential guests that include the location of their Glendale CA engagement party venues.

  1. Confirm the date with the vendors that you hire.

Although a contract that you signed with a vendor is considered a legally binding agreement, that fact won’t help you on the day of the event if that vendor fails to show up. Even the most conscientious business person can make a scheduling error. This is why you should always contact your vendors at least twice during the time leading up to your event.

  1. Have a backup ready.

Even if you are the most organized person you know, you should always have a contingency plan in place, especially if your event is taking place in an outdoor setting. Have a backup plan in case bad weather arrives and you need to move your event inside.

If your event is indoors, you could still run into issues. For example, if there is a power outage, make sure the venue has a backup generator. There could also be issues with hotel rooms for guests, so make sure that you book some extra rooms if you have a hotel block, just in case.

When you are searching for engagement party venues Glendale CA couples recommend, call Metropol to find out how we can help you plan the happiest of events!

If you are looking for the perfect fairytale venue for your engagement, wedding, quinceañera, fundraising, or any lavish event in the LA area, check out our engagement party venues Glendale CA! Our stunning venues offer modern decor, traditional elegance, and unique venue accents that will make your special night unforgettable.

Constructed in 2012, Our engagement party venues Glendale CA have multiple halls and ballrooms to custom fit your event needs.  Each ballroom has its own unique set of features and characteristics to make your formal occasions leave a lasting impression on guests.

Our Ballrooms:

We offer different ballrooms with their own unique features to fit your event!

Our Modern Ballroom is an illuminating 800 sq. foot ballroom that accommodates up to 400 guests. This ballroom is decorated with contemporary white interior and is truly the fairytale atmosphere with our glass staircase leading into the bridal lounge. Perfect for a wedding, bridal event, or any lavish production!

Our Millennium Ballroom is a 300-person capacity banquet hall and toned down with elegant drapery and wooden drop frames that surround the ceiling’s beautiful crystal chandeliers.

In addition, our engagement party venues Glendale CA offer illuminating entertainment stages for an epic lit dance floor, LED lighting all around, state-of-the-art sound system, separate entrances for your event, beautifully staged chandeliers and water fountains throughout your venue, and digital projection screens with all support necessary (Modern Ballroom only!).

Hall Rentals:

If you are not looking to reserve a ballroom, you may also reserve one of our Metropol’s hall rentals for any intimate, casual, or formal celebration!

If you are interested in getting a tour on our hall rentals, call us anytime at 818-241-5432 or click over to our online quote request form. Simply fill out some basic information and one of our hall rental representatives will contact you shortly to discuss the details of booking your event at Metropol.

Catering services for our engagement party venues in Glendale CA:

In addition to our banquet and hall features, We also partner with top culinary Talent in the greater LA area to cater our events! Our culinary team will customize a menu of options that your guests will be raving about! Our engagement party venues in Glendale offer cuisine choices from Russian, Persian, European, Middle Eastern, Latin, Asian, American and Armenian. You can choose between family style, formal course sit-down, or buffet style catering services!  Our top chefs and staff are ready to go above and beyond to execute the perfect menu for your event by carefully selecting starters, main courses, side items, sweets, and drinks! This is only one of many offerings that differentiate our Glendale engagement party venues from other venues in LA. You will not be disappointed when choosing our engagement party venues in Glendale, CA.

Choosing Your Engagement Party Invitations

Although you might get preoccupied with looking at different engagement party venues Glendale CA offers to residents, you certainly won’t want to overlook your invitations! You’ll also need to build in time to create the invitations, get contact information from your guests, and give folks time to receive them and then to respond. Below are some things to think about when creating your invitations,

  • Write Out the Text of Your Invite: Expect to write several drafts of your invitation. It may be helpful to have someone proofread it. Make sure it includes the following:
    • Brief description of what guests can expect at the engagement party.
    • Time of the event (specify AM or PM and include an estimated end time).
    • Date (best to spell it out to reduce the possibility of confusion of the month versus day).
    • The location (full address) of your engagement party venue in Glendale, CA. If you have room, you may wish to include a map of where the venue is located.
    • The website for the venue (for additional information about the venue).
    • If parking is available, briefly mention where it’s located and if guests need to bring money to pay for it.
    • Any other pertinent information such as dress code, if there will be an open bar, etc.

  • Paper or Electronic Invitations? Traditional paper invitations, either printed or handwritten, are generally preferred for more formal occasions, but the popularity of electronic invitations had been on a steady rise in more recent years. There are pros and cons to consider for both.

  • Paper Invitations. These can be very elegant, humorous, or artsy, in addition to other choices.
    • Pros: They can look very nice and feel good in one’s hands. They can also be kept as keepsakes.
    • Cons: You will have to hand write out each invitation, or spend the money and have a professional printer print it for you. There are online printers as well as brick and mortar stores in many cities. You will also have to mail most, if not all, of the invitations. This will require paying for postage and a trip to the post office. Before you can send them, you will need to collect the current and full addresses of everyone you want to invite.

  • Electronic Invitations. There are many companies that offer online event invitation services, many of which are free.
    • Pros: The cost ranges from free to not very expensive. They’re convenient because you can register and set up the invites with nearly any device that has an Internet connection. This eliminates the need to go to the post office. You’re also saving on postage. In addition, the recipients do not have to go to their mailbox as the invite is delivered to their email inbox.
    • Cons: If you are not computer or Internet savvy, you may get frustrated by the online process to create the invitations and send them. You will need an email address for every recipient and acquiring them may be time intensive. Not everyone on your invitation list may have an email account, or check them very often so they may miss your invite.

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