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Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Event Hall Glendale CAIf you are planning on taking that walk down the aisle, then finding the event hall Glendale CA has to offer is likely at the top of your list. At Metropol, we have been helping couples plan their perfect day for many years and would love the opportunity to assist you with all your wedding needs.

As you try to decide what type of wedding you want and which event hall Glendale CA can provide fits your needs, here are some things to keep in mind:

Room Size

Before you begin your wedding venue search, you need to determine the number of guests you are planning on having. How many guests you have will determine the size to look for in an event hall Glendale CA offers. Although an empty room may look very large, it is important to imagine how that room will look filled with guests, filled table and chairs, DJ or band set up, and a dance floor full of people. Ideally, the best way to know if a venue room is right for you is to take a peek when another event is going on and it is filled with people. At Metropol, we find that many couples decide to book out event hall in Glendale CA after they have attended another event with us.

Layout of the room is also key. Your guests will be walking around, mingling with other guests, on the dance floor, at the bar, and possibly at buffet tables, depending on what type of menu you decide on. Does the layout of the room give guests plenty of room or will everyone feel cramped? Are there any possible view obstructions, such as columns, that will make guests feel cut off from a certain wedding activity?


It might not be something most couples think of, but lighting in the venue can make all the difference to the mood and atmosphere of your event. Are there windows for a daytime wedding, or is there enough quality lighting to create the ambiance you’re looking for? To get a good idea of what the room lighting will be during your wedding, make sure to check out the room during the same time of day or night you are planning on holding your event at.

Room With a View

Another key component to the ambiance of a event hall Glendale CA provides is the view that your guests will have when they enter the room and look through the windows. If there are no outside views, what type of décor does the venue itself have that will contribute to that ambiance? The color of the room décor also matters. How will the colors of the venue décor and furniture look with the color theme you have chosen for your wedding party?


If you are having a band or DJ, make sure to check out the acoustics of a room. Having a room sound like an echo chamber will not only put a damper on the sounds of music playing for guest, but could also make it difficult for guests to hear the wedding festivities, as well as difficult to converse with each other.

Book a Glendale Event Hall With Metropol

The wedding planners at Metropol are available to meet and show you the services and different venue rooms we have available. Please contact us today to set up a convenient time to visit our facilities so you can book the perfect event hall Glendale CA guests will love.

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