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Event Venue Glendale CAThe Event of the Season in an Event Venue Glendale CA Community Members Love

As a representative at an event venue Glendale, CA offers understands, choosing the right venue for your event can become quite stressful, which is why working with Metropol can help you. There are so many spaces to choose from, and even the most organized planner can quickly become overwhelmed by the possible choices. Picking a spot for your event is important, as it can set the tone of the entire celebration. At Metropol, we have a variety of budget- and space-friendly options available depending on your needs.

Wedding receptions, holiday parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties, corporate events and staff gatherings are just a few of the events that Metropol can help you plan. We are a venue that can provide you with up to 5,500 square feet of space that accommodates up to 400 guests. Whether you are looking to throw an intimate gathering or a large soiree, it is the perfect space for just about any type of party you would like to have. With our space, and experience, we can help you plan the event of the season. Since we opened our doors in 2012, we have hosted many memorable events and helped our community members create unforgettable memories. We can make the process of planning your next event fun and enjoyable. Contact us through our website to find out more about our event venue in Glendale, CA.

Tips for Throwing a Good Party

Throwing an event means putting all the pieces together to make the perfect gathering. Our event space can ensure that you have one of the most important elements checked off your list. Our gorgeous setting can help set the scene for the type of event you wish to host. Our event venue in Glendale, CA offers amenities that include convenient location, accessible parking, and optional services such as catering through our partners. The right space has all the makings for throwing an event that is beautifully decorated and planned, leaving guests dazzled. Other key factors of a successful event include:

  • Ambience, setting the mood with lighting and décor.
  • Food that gets people talking… and sharing on social media.
  • Fabulous cocktails.
  • Good music that complements the event.
  • Fun and unique elements that make the event unforgettable.

Endless Options

Whether you are planning a more informal event or a black tie affair we offer the perfect venue for your celebration. We can customize our event venue in Glendale, CA to your liking. At Metropol, we can help you customize the event space for your needs with the help of the following:

  • Lighting
  • Décor of space
  • Chair options
  • Table Options
  • Linens
  • Music
  • Food
  • Beverages

We can accommodate your event in any number of ways, which will be largely dependant on how involved you would like to be in the planning process. If you would like to make all of the decisions down to every last detail, we will support you throughout. We are also happy to take the lead in planning your event if you would prefer. In addition, we have a trusted network of event professionals on whom we rely as needed, and we are happy to recommend their services to you. These professionals include caterers, musicians, decorators, and many more.

Personal Requests

Sometimes, in order to make a party perfect, a client will submit a request to the venue for accomodation. There may be instances where a request cannot be met, due to an ordinance or other regulation that the property must follow. But otherwise, the venue staff will prioritize the guest’s experience to ensure it is an enjoyable one during the event. If there is a personal request you want to run by us, please submit this to a representative at an event venue Glendale, California residents love. We will do what is within our power to make your event the best it can possibly be!

Consider the Season

Depending on when you have the event, consider what the weather may be like during this time. Do you want the event to be hosted outdoors, or indoors? When clients are planning events, the weather is often a leading factor to whether the celebration shall be in nature or within a building. At Metropol, we offer both inside and outside spaces. We also understand that having a backup plan for poor weather can put our client’s worries at ease. If the morning of your outdoor event you find out there is a big chance of rain, we will do what we can to accommodate your needs.

Tour Our Event Venue in Glendale, CA

While a venue may look beautiful in pictures online, it is best to take a tour before putting down a deposit. The photographs online could be from previous years, and not be even close to what the property looks like now. At Metropol, we update our website regularly so photographs of the spaces are current. We understand how frustrating it may be to show up for a tour and the property is not as advertised on the website.

Contact us at Metropol today to schedule a tour of our event venue in Glendale, CA. We will start by going over the specifics of your event and begin the initial planning phase. With our skilled creative team, we can transform your dream into reality.

If you’re searching for an event venue Glendale, CA guests will adore, look no further than Metropol. Our ballrooms serve as two of the most luxurious venues for weddings, fundraisers, social events, and corporate events available in Glendale. Whether you’re looking to host a glamorous reception in a traditional ballroom or a formal fundraiser with 400 of your closest supporters, Metropol operates as a premier event venue Glendale, California residents rave about.

Millennium Ballroom

Our Millennium Ballroom is the smaller of our two main venues. Featuring white marble floors and white LED crystal chandeliers, this ballroom comfortably accommodates 300 guests. While many of our guests hold wedding receptions in this room, it is also an ideal space for corporate events, fundraisers, holiday parties, press conferences, and professional seminars.

Modern Ballroom

If you’re looking for a more contemporary event venue Glendale, CA has to offer, the Metropol Modern Ballroom might just be what you’re looking for. This 5,500 sq. foot venue has an 800 sq. foot wide dance floor and is spacious enough to sit 400 guests. Both of our ballrooms have an entertainment stage, but our Modern Ballroom is also equipped with two large projection screens and computerized light sequences running through both the ceiling and floor. This is the perfect space to energize guests and keep them entertained all night long.

Additional Event Venues

Interested in booking an event venue in Glendale, CA, but neither premium ballroom perfectly needs your needs? We’ve got you covered. Our Ceremony Room is the newest venue at Metropol, designed to fit 180 guests comfortably. This room is designed to make wedding planning and coordination even easier so that you can spend less time worrying about your special day and more time enjoying it! Our staff is happy to help you design the perfect ceremony and reception — all right here at Metropol.

Or, if you are looking for a larger room with a more traditional aesthetic, feel free to look at our sister facility, Renaissance. Named after the period of “Rebirth” in European history, Renaissance is a classical event venue Glendale, CA guests will remember for years to come. This facility can accommodate up to 700 guests and incorporates innovative technology with timeless style.

Metropol: The Perfect Glendale Event Venue for Any Celebration

At Metropol, we’re dedicated to providing luxurious spaces for all types of events. We offer in-house catering, including family-style, buffet-style, and hour-long meal course services. We partner with some of the top catering companies in the Los Angeles metro area to offer all types of cuisines. We have also partnered with several premier local vendors to give our clients access to DJ services, photographers, cake decorators, and florists.

Customer Service Experience

The friendliness and flexibility of venue staff can make or break your event. The reputation of the venue is critical, so when you choose an event venue Glendale, CA residents love, you know you are getting top customer service! The way a venue manages staff and the facility are important, as they this may determine how you and your guests are treated. Customer service is of the utmost priority to us here at Metropol. We understand that when people rent out our spaces, they are also investing in staff and quality services.

Do not hesitate to contact a representative at Metropol about hosting your party or other event at our property. We would love to hear more about how we can make your vision a reality!

If you think that one of Metropol’s ballrooms might just be the perfect venue for your event, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for information about pricing and booking. We are happy to work with you to determine which ballroom best fits your needs and your budget. For more information, or to book an event venue Glendale, CA guests will cherish, contact Metropol today.

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