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Planning your Wedding Reception

Event Venue Glendale CAIf you’re starting to plan your wedding reception, you’ve probably discovered that the choices are endless — especially when it comes to looking at every event venue Glendale CA has to offer. At Metropol, we’re proud to offer residents a beautiful Glendale event venue for weddings.

Before you allow yourself to become overwhelmed about that details for your beautiful reception, remember that this is your day to let loose and be creative. Receptions are supposed to be fun, light, and full of sentiment. Try to imagine your reception from your guests’ perspectives. What would they want or need so that they can enjoy themselves as much as possible? The key is finding a balance between showcasing you and your partner’s personalities and styles, while making sure that your family and friends will experience a wedding reception they will never forget. Here are just a few simple tips that can help make wedding planning easy and fun:

Consider choosing a cohesive theme. Step away from the color patterns, flower arrangement options, and meal plan and allow yourself to take one slow, deep breath. Try to remember the best parties you have attended. These probably all have one thing in common: the host made you feel welcome and cared for. Try to remember the ambiance and setting, as well as anything that helped you feel more comfortable in that setting. This will help you begin to frame the ambiance you want at your reception.

Choose a event venue Glendale CA guests will cherish. When you’re choosing an event venue in Glendale CA, you’ll want to make sure that you find a place just as unique as you are! First, you’ll want to address the essentials: Ensure that there is plenty of parking, more than enough restrooms (depending on how many guests you have), and that the wedding venue will be able to hold all of your guests without them feeling uncomfortable or cramped. Next, look for an event venue Glendale CA wedding planners can customize and decorate to fit your needs.

Select the right catering company. If your reception is after your ceremony, your guests will most likely be hungry!. Make sure that you choose a company that seats your guests quickly and efficiently, as well as serves delicious food quickly. Make sure to order more than enough food for your guests, so you will rest easy knowing that they will not leave your reception still hungry. Why Hire a Professional Caterer?

Find entertainment that you and your guests will love. If your budget allows for it, hire a live band or a DJ to create a playlist of your favorite songs. Also, consider having a photobooth, a caricature artist, or games like “The Newlywed Game” at your wedding to make it more fun for guests.

Hiring a professional photographer to capture the moment. Some couples hire a photographer and videographer to capture their big day so that they can look back at the memories years later. Make sure you view the photographer or videographer’s past wedding footage before choosing them. Your guests will want to see all of the pictures and videos afterwards to relive your amazing reception, so make sure who you hire is a pro and will take pictures they will be happy to receive.

Book an Event Venue Glendale CA Residents Recommend at Metropol

If you’re planning a wedding reception, Metropol offers a wonderful location with a stunning view. Our team is always excited to help our clients plan their special day. For more information about booking an event venue Glendale CA guests will love, contact Metropol today.

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