Family Style Catering Glendale CA

Family Style Catering Glendale CAIf you are looking for a casual elegant style for your wedding then you should consider the family style catering Glendale CA offers at Metropol. Choosing the wedding menu is an exciting and important decision that can help pull every detail of your wedding together. Family style meals are a great hybrid of buffets and plated dinners – allowing you to find the perfect middle ground.

What Is Family Style Catering?

Family style catering Glendale CA families love is similar to a sit-down or plated dinner because guests are assigned to a table and waiters bring the food on large serving platters that are passed around. This style creates an elegant, welcoming feeling. Whether your guests have known each other for years or have met moments before, passing plates creates a way to start the flow of comfortable conversation. Metropol is pleased to provide family style catering in Glendale CA.

Benefits of Family Style Catering

Glendale family style catering services from Metropol can provide several unique benefits to make your wedding and flavorful food memorable. Some of the most popular reasons for why many choose family style catering include:

  • Food is prepared on site and goes straight from the oven to the table. As a result, there is no overcooking in chafers or hot boxes.
  • Because the style is still a sit-down dinner there is no waiting in line like there would be for a buffet style.
  • The presentation complements everything from an upscale dinner party to a laid-back casual event. This style can help you create the atmosphere or theme of your choosing.
  • This ambiance promotes conversation among the guests, helping them feel relaxed and as if they were sitting down to a family meal at home.
  • Guests can choose their portion sizes.


If you are picturing your wedding with this type of atmosphere then choose the family style catering Glendale CA brides can trust.

The Budget

Food will be one of your highest wedding costs; typically, the catering bill accounts for 45 to 50 percent of the total wedding budget. It is important to know what the added costs and money saving aspects of family style catering can provide. Some additional costs may be larger tables to allow the needed space for larger platters being passed around. If the tables are bigger, you may need to invest more money for the linens. It is also important for brides to understand that family style catering Glendale CA catering provides also has money saving aspects as well. Foremost, guests will not need to request what they want to eat, as a result you will not have to invest in response, escort, and placecards. In addition, since the tables will have platters of food there may not be much space for elaborate centerpieces, which are in themselves costly.

The Catering Company You Can Trust

At Metropol we can make sure family style catering works perfectly for your unforgettable day. Create the atmosphere of a warm gathering as people come together to celebrate the matrimony of two people. One of our catering experts can give you the help you need to make family style catering Glendale CA can rely on to make your special day an unforgettable event.

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