Family Style Catering in Glendale, CA

Family Style Catering in Glendale, CA Family Style Catering in Glendale, CA

How can Metropol help your event with Glendale, CA family style catering? When you are having a big event, you may have the lighting figured out, the music perfectly curated, and the decorations planned. However, one of the main parts of any event is the food you choose to serve. In addition to carefully selecting appetizers, main courses, or desserts, you may also be wondering how you want to serve the food. Is buffet a good option? What about plated meals? Here at Metropol, we believe that another great option is to serve your food family style. While there are many different ways your caterer can present the food, Glendale, California family style catering allows the wait staff to bring out large, freshly-prepared plates of food directly to the table where each guest can serve him or herself. Below, we will look at the benefits of a family style catering service Glendale offers versus a plated meal service.

What are the differences?

When choosing how you would like your meal to be served, you should be thinking of four main factors when it comes to food:

  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Service
  • Quality

Cost. When you are providing food for your guests, you know that after all is said and done, the catering can be one of the most expensive parts of the event. When you offer them a plated service meal, the cost can go up significantly. However, if you choose to go with a Glendale family style catering service, we can provide you with a variety of unique dishes in many courses at a price that fits your budget better. With family style catering, we can also more easily assess the portions of food, thus eliminating a large portion of waste that happens when people do not show up or if people do not eat their meals.

Speed. When it comes to plated service, nothing says disappointment like waiting for your food to be served while you watch everyone else around you get their food first. This can be an incredibly disappointing experience and it may even mean that your food is cold by the time it gets to you. Instead, with Glendale, CA family style catering, the chef and kitchen can prepare your food quickly and have it ready to serve your guests once everyone is seated. Without taking each individual guest’s order or preparing dishes for different people, there is no chance that there will be food error or that someone will get left out while they sit around waiting for their food. Instead, the food is served promptly and your guests can be happy.

Service. When you choose to have family style catering, you eliminate the need for too many waiters or waitresses running around, and you will get a much more efficient delivery of your food. This can also help your event look better because you will not have too many waiters or waitresses running around with trays throughout your event.

Quality.  When you choose Glendale, CA family style catering over plated meals, you can get higher quality food that your chef and kitchen has taken time to prepare instead of one dish after another. Additionally, the food will be the right temperature for everyone when it is served family style instead of some people getting cold food because they were served last.

If you are interested in family style catering in Glendale, CA, please reach out to Metropol now.


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