FAQ: What Are Some Ideas to Make a Wedding Reception More Fun?

Wedding Banquet Hall in Glendale, CA

Nothing else compares to planning a wedding. It requires time, effort, creativity, and money. It also needs emotional investment. For most people, wedding planning is both fun and exhausting.

Hire a Photo Booth

Los Angeles venues have plenty of space for a photo booth. These can be rented from several companies and give guests the opportunity to capture cute, funny, romantic, and tipsy memories.

Set Up a Children’s Area

If your wedding reception will have little ones running around, you can make everyone’s time a little bit easier by setting up a children’s area. Consider toys, games, art supplies, and other fun activities that ward off boredom.

Get Creative with Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are no longer expected to be a formal memento. Crafts, homemade sweets or desserts, special drinks, teas, and funny accessories are much more exciting. If your guests are a bohemian, artsy bunch set up a station in the venue where they can make their own keepsake.

Plan a Simple Welcome Dinner Beforehand

If your wedding includes people who you haven’t see in a while, such as relatives who live across the country or childhood friends, consider holding a welcome dinner. These don’t have to be elaborate, but are a good way to get people relaxed and comfortable with one another for the big day.

Decide on Food Everyone will Love

Your wedding reception doesn’t have to follow the tradition of including a three-course meal. If this is over the top for your personality, style, or buge, you can opt for a delicious buffet with comfort foods such as mini burgers, chicken wings, salads, homemade fries, fresh fruit, and so forth. Talk with your caterer for some fun options.

Include a Beverage Bar

Whether or not you are including alcohol at your wedding, why not spice things up with some non-traditional beverages. Lavender lemonade and virgin strawberry mojitos would compliment summertime wedding receptions. Herbal tea and hot chocolate can be perfect for a cool wedding night in the fall. Champagne cocktails and red wine fruit sangria are a nice twist to the standard drinks.

Venue for Wedding Receptions

The summer wedding season is just around the corner. Whether you’re planning your wedding for the sunniest days of the year or are preparing for a fall or winter wedding, it’s important to book the wedding banquet hall in Glendale, CA well in advance. Schedule a tour of the venue today to get started.

Thanks to Metropol for their insight into wedding planning and tips for making the reception more fun.

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