How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy During and After the Big Day

There are so many things to do, and so many influencers to consider, and people to keep happy when it comes to organizing your wedding day and the festivity to go without a hitch. There are many brilliant ideas, and some not-so-good ones. But the key point is to do it your way, and have a great time. Hey, it’s your wedding and you need to spend it with the love of your life, surrounded by friends, family members and people who want to help you celebrate this joyous occasion. Your guests will always be happy to see you and party the night away, but as a host you have an obligation too. Keeping your guests welcomed and happy can be a task that is not too difficult to achieve. Metropol Banquet staff wants to present you with a few ideas to bring your guests that extra dose of happiness and appreciation. You can also find more wedding related articles on our blog.

1. A Wedding Website
Yes, it has become a popular item on the wedding To Do list. It is where all the details about your upcoming wedding should go. Important dates, addresses, links to the banquet hall, the church or where the wedding ceremony will take place.  Pre-wedding announcements such as Wedding Showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties can be found here too. Additionally, it is a great way to create a lasting, digital footprint, after the big day, as the happy couple post follow ups, photos and updates about their honeymoon, the gifts they have received and whatever they like to share with guests and people who might have not made it to the wedding. Facebook, Instagram, and social media icons can be found on this website as well. Name the website carefully (make it short and easy to remember, like or and this can become the story of your family, and its legacy for as long as you care to keep it up and going.

2. Easily visible seating chart and signage
Legible, easily found signs and directions to where your guests can find their seats are very important. Having ushers or a couple of hosts helping with this task is always a great idea. This way the guests can move in quickly, efficiently and get that party started.

3. Thank You or Welcome Bags
This is the welcome swag bag guests are quickly getting used to receiving. The better stuffed with useful items, the bigger the smiles on the recipients’ faces.  A small bottle of water, snacks, chewing gum, mints or mouth wash, a hangover kit containing items like coconut water, coconut water, vitamins, Advil or Aspirin, eye drops, band aids, sun glasses, in addition to chap stick, hand sanitizers, tidbits about the location of the venue, all can go in there. Metropol Banquet has two beautiful venues. Therefore, there is plenty to brag about. Cards sharing unknown facts about what you and your partner are also a fun item to add, if you like to share cool anecdotes with your family and friends. A CD or flash drive with special songs that express who you are and what the two of you feel are also encouraged. What goes into these goody bags are based on the location and the season of the wedding, and most importantly you. Let your imagination do the work and think of items that you would like to see in a bag if you were attending the wedding.

4. Bathroom baskets and amenities
Make sure there are wet wipe tissues, mouth wash dispensers or bottles with plenty of disposable little cups, cologne and perfumes, mints (inside the bathroom). Items from the welcome bag can also come in handy here. A Band aid to cover up bruised feet (hopefully from dancing too much), eye drops and mouth wash can be useful during this trip. And this is how Bathroom Baskets were born. These small baskets available for each guest may contain: dental floss, lint comb, hair brush, stain remover, elastic hair bands, anti-acids, tooth picks, wet wipes, deodorant sprays and items you know they will appreciate.

 5. Thank You cards
These can go inside Welcome Bags. However, at Metropol we like to suggest sending these cards out after the wedding. In doing so, your guests know that you took the time and thought about them after the big night. By selecting the right card with a handwritten note by you as short and sweet as it may be, you communicate your gratitude and joy of having them as a part of your special day, and that goes a long way. It also gives them the peace of mind that you received their gift. So, you may want to include a line about that too.

Remember to have fun and allow your creativity to flow, as all these items are only fun when you enjoy doing them. Not every suggestion listed above is a “must have” as budgets and time often dictate the amount of things the busy couple can get to. Sky is the limit, but the desire and joy of doing these things must come from you. Therefore, there are no absolute ways of doing things. Smile and enjoy your day and you will do beautifully.

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