Fun Vegetarian Options for Your Catering Event

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As people become more educated on the negligence of the meat industry and the treatment of animals, more and more are switching to vegetarian diets. You should always try to offer vegetarian options at your catering event to accommodate all guests who will be experiencing your event catering Glendale, CA residents choose at Metropol, whether they are vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian. Why not make the veggie meals just as delicious as the dishes that contain meat? Listed below are a few vegetarian options that can be served at your catering event- that even meat eaters will love!

Veggie Pasta with Artichoke and Asparagus: Artichoke hearts are one of the most flavourful veggies. They are perfect in pasta made partially with vegetables, along with asparagus, tomatoes, corn, and chives. It is traditionally made with penne pasta, but any types of pasta can be used to make this savory dish. Some caterers may offer pasta that is infused with vegetables as well, which gives the pasta an interesting twist that complements the veggies in the dish. This option is not only vegetarian, but also vegan as well.

Southwest Macaroni & Cheese: You can never go wrong with a good mac and cheese, but why not spice it up? Add a twist to classic mac with bell pepper, corn, black beans, hot sauce, and salsa. This can be served hot or cold, depending on personal preferences or the weather.

Creamy Bowtie Pasta: This recipe is incredibly simple to make in bulk so caterers are able to satisfy large numbers of people easily. The ingredients include hot peppers, cream cheese, lemon juice, and greek yogurt (optional: pine nuts and watercress). This is best served chilled, and is perfect for an outdoor catering event on a hot summer day.

Chickpea Tabbouleh: Tabbouleh is a classic greek vegetarian-friendly recipe that is enhanced with the addition of chickpeas. This recipe is chock-full of fresh herbs, which makes it a perfect course to serve in the springtime when herbs are fresh and in season. Tabbouleh requires a lot of ingredients, but surprisingly requires no cooking at all. Caterers that are skilled in chopping veggies and herbs, they may have a large portion of Tabbouleh ready in minutes. The name may sound intimidating, but encouraging non-vegetarians to indulge in a new dish may open their eyes to the flavors that vegetarian meals have to offer.

Carrot and Brie Pasta: The brie in this pasta gives it a beautiful, hearty flavor; the carrots and walnut give it a wonderful crunch to contrast the rest of the soft textures. Finally, the addition of greek yogurt to this recipe gives it an irresistibly creamy texture for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Summer Vegetable Pasta: This incredibly simple pasta is packed with summer vegetables like cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and sweet corn. It’s topped with a garlic butter sauce, and is best served warm. This pasta is very easy and relatively cheap to make in bulk, which makes it a great vegetarian option for larger events.

Black Bean Soup: Black bean soup is both hearty and filling, as well as being easy to make. It takes less than thirty minutes to make enough black bean soup to serve a large crowd. If you are going for a southwestern theme for your event, ask your catering company about black bean soup. It is always a crowd-pleaser, and is also vegan friendly!

Pineapple and Cashew Stir-Fry: Add and interesting new dimension to regular vegetarian stir-fry with fresh pineapple. This combination may sound odd, but it comes together for an interesting and delicious take on stir-fry. It is generally easy to make, with minimal cooking required. It requires a relatively short preparation and cooking time (depending on the number of people you are serving at your event), so it is a great recipe for a fresh and efficient vegetarian option.

Browned Butter and Lemon Pasta: This is a classic and undeniably delicious recipe. Any buttery pasta with a hint of citrus is sure to satisfy vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. It is easy to make and requires minimal ingredients. Most ingredients in this pasta dish tend to be inexpensive, and generally available in bulk formats. Choosing this dish for your catering event may be both cost-efficient and delicious!

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