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Metropol Modern Venue for Fundraisers and Special Events

Metropol has two unique ballrooms that are perfect for hosting formal or special events like fundraisers up to 300 or 400 guests, respectively. We’ve had a ton of success hosting benefits and formal fundraisers at Metropol with plenty of room for guests, state of the art presentation capabilities and even plenty of room for the media to cover it if necessary. Check out the video for such an event that made the local news on NBC Los Angeles.

Each of Metropol’s ballrooms has a unique set of decorations and features that will lend themselves as a better setup depending on the tastes and needs of the host. Metropol’s Modern Ballroom accommodates up to 400 guests, is adorned with contemporary décor, and features banquet-wide LED lighting to augment presentations or entertainment. It has a 800 sq.ft illuminating dance floor, as well as an entertainment stage, two projection screens and a lavish glass staircase that leads to a room which can be used as a closed off VIP area for important guests.

The Millennium Ballroom is a 300-person capacity event space, offering the elegance of crystal chandeliers, a white marble foyer, elegant drapery and wooden drop frames that surround the ceiling’s beautiful lighting fixtures. It’s perfect for a more conservatively themed event fo rup to 300 guests.

As two of the best Los Angeles venues, they are both designed to make your wedding reception unforgettable. Schedule a tour of our premises, or take the virtual tour online. You will be impressed by the interior design as well as modern technology. See more features below:

Venue Amenities

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  • Fits up to 400 guests
  • Custom design, custom-fit chandelier
  • 5,500 sq. ft. with 800 sq. ft. wide dance floor
  • Two large projection screens
  • Entrance through the Foyer
  • Entertainment Stage
  • Glass Staircase leading to Bridal Lounge
  • LED lighting with custom animation

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Banquet Hall Glendale CA
  • 300 guest capacity
  • Blend of modern build and elegant decor
  • 3,500 sq. ft. with 600 sq. ft. dance floor
  • Separate entrance with water fountain
  • Lovely center chandelier
  • South entrance White LED lighting with custom animation
  • Entertainment stage

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