Glendale Wedding Ceremony

Glendale Wedding Ceremony

Glendale Wedding CeremonyPlanning a wedding ceremony involves so many pieces and parts — it’s difficult to know where to begin. Choosing a venue is one of those parts that need to be decided early, and most of the other components fit around the venue selection.

So what are some of the determining factors in choosing a venue for your wedding ceremony?

  • One of the most important decisions is whether you want your wedding and/or reception inside or outside. If you do choose outside, are there provisions for bad weather and is that condition an acceptable alternative if needed? Will the inside alternative be sufficient space for your guests? Room enough for the food and a dance floor?
  • Is parking available at the venue location and is it a large enough lot to accommodate your guests? Is there a cost to park?
  • How soon in advance should you secure the reservation for your venue? At Metropol, we recommend speaking to us about a realistic timeline for reserving your venue. For the most popular days of the year — Saturdays in June, for example — we recommend reservations be made more than a year in advance.
  • Be sure to nail down all the costs associated with renting the venue, including the costs that are included in the venue rental fee, and the items you need to rent or purchase separately. Our event and marketing coordinator can give you details about what is included with the rental at Metropol.
  • Ask if it is okay to bring your own decorations. Other than tables and chairs, most venues will allow you to bring in decorations such as floral centerpieces and free-standing items such as podiums or pillars or potted plants. Be sure to speak with our marketing coordinator while in the planning stages of your wedding. We can’t wait to help you create a beautiful wedding ceremony!
  • Clarify with the venue whether you need to use specific caterers or if you can bring a caterer of your choosing. At Metropol, we can provide you with a list of preferred caterers to book after your wedding ceremony.
  • If you would like to serve alcohol at your reception, first and foremost confirm the alcohol policy. Can alcohol be served both inside and outside? Can you bring your own wine and/or alcohol, or does it have to be purchased through the venue? Is there a minimum purchase or are you just charged for what you open?
  • Be sure you understand the cancellation fee of the venue. You may lose your deposit — which could be have the cost of the rental. In addition, depending on how much notice you give, you may be liable for additional costs. Understand the contract you are signing so there are no surprises.

Deciding on your wedding venue is a big deal. Get all your questions answered, check references from other couples who used the venue for their wedding, and know all your costs.

Contact Metropol today to speak with our marketing and venue consultant. Come in a tour our facility and see how one of our glamorous and elegant ballrooms can help you make your Glendale wedding ceremony and reception a reality.

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