Los Angeles Grand Ballroom, Renaissance

Looking for a More Classically Designed Ballroom? Visit Renaissance, Our Sister Facility.

The best venues for weddings or other milestone events accent the tastes of the host. You’ve probably noticed by now that both of Metropol’s rooms are built with modern amenities and lend to a more contemporary aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a more classic ballroom for your wedding or event, or need a venue that can accommodate up to 450 guests, look no further than our sister facility, Renaissance.

Named for the historical period of artistic “rebirth” in Europe, Renaissance features décor inspired by the great Italian masterminds, like Leonardo da Vinci. Our walls are adorned with brilliant paintings and impressive architectural features such as arches, columns, and arched windows, trademarks of the Renaissance Period.

Of course, the experience is only enhanced by the décor; it is the service and environment that makes your event go off without a hitch. Our staff tries to make every moment of your celebration memorable and special, from planning every last detail to executing the plan to throw the perfect party.

We guide you from stage one to select the catering menu, photographer, DJ, florist, and any other specialist you may require.

In addition to the Los Angeles Grand Ballroom, Renaissance also has a smaller venue called the Crystal Ballroom, perfect for smaller events like intimate weddings, baby showers, family parties and more.

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