Helpful Tips to Make Your Big Day Stress Free

As the countdown begins for the big day, how can engaged couples make the planning of that event stress-free? Wedding planning can be hectic, time-consuming, and expensive so trying some or all of the following tips may help alleviate some of the frustration that can take away from some of the enjoyment from what should be a wonderful time. A big part of keeping your day stress free is transporting, do not hesitate to contact movers Accokeek, MD relies on to ensure that your transporting is done effectively.

Bridal Expos

One of the best ways to get ideas is to attend bridal expos and shows. But don’t wait until you already have half of your planning done. Attend these event early in your engagement. Not only can you get some spectacular ideas for your big day, but you may also win some terrific prizes in all the raffles these expos have for wedding gowns, makeovers, and even honeymoons! One idea to keep your own personal email from being overloaded with vendor messages from these raffles/vendors is to create a separate email address for wedding info only.

Wedding Date

When it comes to picking a date, being flexible can also help cut down on the costs. When you book your venue too far in advance, there is no bargaining room with the venue over the price. But if you allow yourself a shorter timeline, wedding professionals and venues look to fill up their calendars and may be more willing to negotiate a better price for you.

All in One

Many couples today are choosing to exchange their vows and hold their wedding reception at the same venue. This not only helps save money, but also takes the worry from transportation issues for guests, as well as adds more time for guests to enjoy the festivities because it won’t be necessary to travel between the ceremony location and the reception location.

Going Public

Depending on the season you are getting married in, there may be public locations, such as gardens and parks, which allow couples to exchange vows. Many of these locations are free or charge a small fee. Depending on what type of reception you plan, you may even be able to plan the entire reception at the location, as well. When choosing a public location or other outdoor location, you should also consider hiring a moving company to bring in and set up any large items you may need for this type of reception.  

One vs. Multiple

There are many services needed for a wedding – florist, invitations, photographer, videographer, music, and catering just to name a few. You can hire multiple vendors for each of these items, which can make it a little confusing making sure that each vendor knows exactly what you want. An even better way to keep track of all these elements of your big day is to choose one vendor who can offer most, if not all, of the services you will need. In addition to the ease of working with just one or two vendors, you may also be able to save money, since many vendors will offer discounts when clients book multiple services.


The most important advice you can take for your big day is to enjoy! Yes, you may find there is stress and there may be days you feel as if planning for your wedding is overwhelming, but don’t let the wedding planning process become so stressful that you forget to enjoy the activity leading up to what will be one of the most cherished days of your life.


Thanks to authors at Suburban Solutions for insight into effective planning.

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