How Do I Find The Best Caterer For My Quinceañera?

How Do I Find The Best Caterer For My Quinceañera?

How do I find the best caterer?

When you’re planning your special event, you may realize you need a caterer but you aren’t sure how to find the best one. What can complicate your dilemma is that what is best for one event may not be the best caterer for every event. At Metropol we understand that. When we sit down with clients in the early event planning stages we help them determine what they want from a catering company and if we can match their wishes. If we are not the best fit, we can recommend another caterer to suit your needs. Ultimately, we are here to serve our clients and help them however possible to create the perfect event. To that end, here are several tips for finding the best caterer for your special day.

Does the catering company specialize in certain types of events?

If your event is a bar mitzvah but the catering company only has experience with wedding events, that may or may not be a problem. But it could be in terms of how fast the food and various courses must be prepared and served to your guests. If your meals must be Kosher, make sure the catering company is familiar with the protocols and has experience with whatever type of event you’re hosting.

Is the catering company flexible in terms of menu, style, theme, and in other ways in order to match your event’s theme and other factors?

· Some catering companies have a limited, set menu. They do not have the resources to create customized menu choices for individual events.
· Do they offer vegan and other food restriction alternatives if you need them?
· What do they require in terms of electricity, lighting, refrigeration, and kitchen facilities?
· What do they require in terms of parking for their staff’s vehicles? (Some event venues have limited parking.)

Does the catering company have references from previous clients they can offer you?

They may talk a great game but previous clients can provide you with an assessment of how they performed on game day. Be sure to get several references as that may provide a more accurate view of the catering company’s services.

What will the catering company charge you?

· Do they charge by the plate as well as by the hour if their staff is serving or providing other services?
· Do they require a deposit, and if so, by when and how much do you need to pay them?
· What additional fees or costs will you be charged?
· What is their refund policy?

By when must you commit to hiring them?

It’s not unusual to have to pre-book event venue space up to a year in advance. You may or may not want to lock in a catering company that far in advance, especially if you have to pay a deposit. However, you want to provide them with sufficient notice so that they have time to adequately prepare for your event. Ask them about their booking policy.

If you’re looking for a caterer for your event, you want the best catering company who can provide what you need. Give Metropol a call at (818) 241-5432 to speak with one of our planning specialists who can discuss what you have in mind and how we may be of assistance.

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