How Do I Hire a Band for My Special Event?

live wedding band orchestra

If you’re planning a special event, arranging for the music is probably on the list. You may be considering hiring a live band, but you’re not sure how to find the right band or how to go about it. Almost every event can benefit from having music, and a live band offers many advantages over prerecorded music.

The Advantages of a Live Band

A live band can add an extra level of excitement that pre-recorded music just can’t match. A lot of bands will also take requests from guests—but be sure to check with them beforehand as not all bands do this. They can also take care of the sound check, and they’re familiar with sound equipment so those are tasks that you won’t have to worry about. Check with the venue to see if they have a built-in speaker and public address system that a live band can plug into, and how many electrical outlets are available. Very likely they do, and if that’s the case, let the band know as it might save them time and they won’t have to haul speakers to the venue. That will allow them to setup and break down faster.

Ask the Venue for a Recommendation

Because music is an important part of most events, the venue you’re renting probably is familiar with many of the live bands in town. They probably also have a very good idea of whether or not the band is reliable and if their cost is reliable. When you ask the venue for a recommendation, let them know what kind of music you’re interested in, and for how long you’ll need the band to play. This last part is important because most band only have a certain number of songs in their repertoire. When you’re talking to the venue representative, be sure to ask about the size of the stage area as the band will need to know that.

Ask Friends for a Recommendation

In addition to talking to the venue, ask your friends which band they think would be a good fit for your event.

Decide on the Type of Music You Want

This should seem obvious, but it’s important to give some thought to it. The right music can make or break your event. Consider who will be attending, the theme of the gathering, and the tone of atmosphere you want to create. If you want a mixture of music types, for example—rock and roll for dancing, but soft romantic music for the bride’s first dance, simply ask the band if they have those genres in their playlist.

Does the Band Fit Your Budget?

Professional musicians don’t make nearly as much as doctors, but they do charge for their time and talent. The more popular the band, the more likely they will charge more. This is especially true if they hire additional professionals such as a manager and a booking agent. They may also charge for travel, so be sure to get an itemized cost list when comparing fees among various bands. In addition, they may require a deposit.

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