How To Accommodate Out-of-Town Guests At Your Wedding

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You’re engaged and it’s time to plan a wedding – only you and your fiance have a lot of family coming in from out of town.  How do you navigate all the decisions that need to be made in a timely manner – yet come out with an amazing wedding and reception?  There is no need to take this journey alone. Metropol venue is conveniently located in Los Angeles. We are available to answer all your questions to assist you in making your wedding day memorable and a little bit less stressful!  If you would like to know more about our venue or how to schedule an appointment to tour our facility, please email or call us today. 


A few tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding:  


First of all, when choosing a date, consider the necessary lead time needed for those who have to make travel arrangements.


  • If you are planning a date around a holiday that is well traveled, you will need even more advance notice.
  • As soon as you have locked down a date and venue, send out a ‘save the date’ card.
  • Book blocks of hotel rooms near the venue.  If possible, select two or three with different price points for those on a limited budget.  Hotels should be convenient to restaurants as well – most of your guests may not be familiar with your town.
  • AirBnB may be a great option for those with families or guests who want to stay a bit longer than the weekend.  Provide a link to properties near your venue.
  • Because many of the guests may be flying in, select a venue that is easily accessible to the airport or hotels.
  • If you live in Los Angeles where there is a lot to do, put together a list of places to see – things to do – restaurants to try – nightlife to experience.  Your wedding may be the only time they visit LA. – help them to make the most of their visit (although your wedding will most definitely be the highlight of their visit!)


The invitations:


  • Please make it clear on the invitations if the ceremony and reception are in the same or different locations – and make sure there are clear instructions and directions to both.  It may be second nature to you – but navigating in a new town can be intimidating. Indicate parking availability at both locations so there are no questions.
  • In some clever way, relate to your guests the suggested attire – no one wants to show up at a fancy wedding in dockers and a polo.  Conversely, arriving in a tux when everyone else is in jeans and cowboy hats is equally uncomfortable.  
  • Leave room on the RSVP for guests to list dietary restrictions – you most likely will not be able to accommodate all the different diets; however, if someone has an allergy where a reaction could be serious – you need to be aware of that up front.


Call or email Metropol Venue today using our contact form to schedule an appointment to tour our ballrooms.  Selecting a wedding venue is a big decision. We are confident our facility can meet and exceed your expectations.

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