How to Budget for Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding is exciting, but looking at the numbers and cost can seem daunting for many couples.  Here at Metropol, we’ve seen budgets of all sizes, but one thing’s for certain: once you have a budget and stick to it, everything will become much easier to plan.  Read on for tips on how to set a budget for your wedding.

The first thing you should do in budgeting for a wedding is discuss with your partner and your families about who is willing to cover what. Often times, American culture promotes that the bride’s family must spring for everything, but asking the groom’s family to pitch in as well should be considered. For a lot of couples, taking the time to speak to both of their families individually yields the best results and gives everyone a chance to talk openly and freely without fearing judgement (for example, if one father cannot afford as much as the other). At each meeting, you should ask both sets of parents if they were planning to pay for some of the wedding, and how much they would be willing to contribute. Once you get a number, write it down so you can remember. It may be easier for you to ask both of your parents to pay for a specific part of the wedding (like the groom’s parents pay for the ceremony, and the bride’s the honeymoon) so you do not come off as pressuring them to commit to the dollar amount.

After you figure out what or how much is covered, you need to set a budget that you and your partner will contribute to the wedding. Be realistic with your budget, and set it a little higher than you would like. This will allot for any unforeseen expenses.  If you and your partner want an over the top wedding with catered meals at an expensive venue, your budget will have to reflect this. You should look at your guest list, venue options, food options, whether or not you want an open bar and how much you will realistically spend before setting a budget. Usually there is a per person cost for drinks and food, so decreasing your guest list will result in saving a lot of money. Most big cities, like Los Angeles and New York City are typically more expensive than small town cities when it comes to venue options. You may want to consider a small city near you that may be less expensive.  Metropol Banquet has locations in Glendale to consider if you’re looking for more space in a beautiful modern wedding venue.

Consider planning your wedding on off season and off days. This means avoiding holidays and days of the week that tend to be pricier. Friday and Sunday are a lot cheaper days to have a wedding than Saturdays. Also, having your wedding in the daytime and an evening reception is always more expensive than an afternoon or morning reception because of the higher catering cost for dinners and people tend to drink more during night festivities than daytime ones. If you want to have a daytime wedding and evening reception, you should put flowers, decor, and stationery at the lower end of the budget to help balance things out. Remember that it is okay to go a little over budget, but not by thousands of dollars. This is your big day, and you do not want to have to pay it off for the rest of your lives.  However, it’s always okay to splurge a little for a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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