Inspiration to Spruce Up Your Wedding Venue



After you have signed the wedding contract for a venue booking, the next step is typically decorations. There may be restrictions when it comes to certain types of decor, such as not being able to put nails in the wall to hang items, or using real flame candles. Decorating can be a great way to express who you are as a couple. There are ways to be impactful and set a vibe for your celebration, in addition to being cost effective. If you need some inspiration on how to spruce up your modern wedding venue in Los Angeles, CA with snazzy decor, please read on!


#1 Utilize Fabric in Many Ways

Hanging fabric from the ceiling and draping over the reception or ceremony area can add an elegant yet romantic touch. You can use fabric to cover the tables, and maybe even play with bright colors, prints or textures. Sheer fabrics may work the best as drapery, so it still enables light to shine through and does not create deep shadows (unless that’s what you are looking for!).   


#2 Flowers are Not Just for Tables

If your wedding venue contract allows it, consider hanging flowers above the tables. Lush floral arrangements suspended can save space and feel more intimate. This handy decorating trick can be particularly useful if you are not crazy about the carpeting or the floor gets dirty easily (your guests will feel compelled to look up, not down!). If you are not able to use nails for your decor, you can purchase curved hangers and hook them over rafters instead. But, this means you may also have to buy a ladder, or see if the venue offers one you can use for free.


#3 Make Your Own Signage

DIY projects have become increasingly popular when it comes to wedding decor. Chalkboards are a playful way to personalize a message, yet be thrifty at the same time. Place signs throughout your venue area, depending on what areas you want your guests to be drawn to. Most commonly, signs are posted at the entryway to the wedding venue, as a friendly yet informational way to let guests know they are in the right place! It is also a great tactic to keep random visitors from walking into your celebration unwelcomed.


#4 Set Up a Family Photo Wall

Post pictures of your childhood as a way to share a little bit more about yourself with guests. You can choose goofy baby pictures of both you and your significant other, memorable family trips, pets, or travels as a couple. Hanging pictures of loved ones who have passed away can be a sentimental way to honor their lives too on such a special day.


#5 Create a Photo Backdrop

As a way to encourage guests to post pictures of themselves celebrating your big day, you can build a lightweight photo background. Materials to add onto the backdrop which may work best tend to be lighter items, such as tissue paper, greenery, garlands, paper flowers and balloons.


Thanks to Metropol for their insight into wedding venues and ideas to spruce it up.


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