How to Make Wedding Dress Shopping Less Stressful, & More Fun

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Shopping for your wedding dress is supposed to be a fun and memorable experience. However, for some brides the thought of picking the one perfect dress can be daunting and stressful. With so many gowns to try on and the array of dress shops to explore, it is natural to feel a little over your head with options. Here we have listed some tips to help make shopping go more smoothly.

Before Browsing, Set Your Budget

The cost of gowns can range from a thrift store find, to thousands of dollars. Decide what is most important to you and then take into consideration the cost of tax, shipping, and alterations. It can be devastating to find the perfectly fitting and styled dress, but then realize it is beyond unaffordable. Use a credit card, or bring money you already have stashed away specifically for the cost of the dress.

Buy For Your Body Now, Not Later

This can be a common mistake many brides make. The pressure to fit into a dress that is not your current size can be adding unnecessary stress. Buy for the body you have. You can always make subtle alterations later if you need to, but it not recommended to buy a dress several sizes different than what you are now. Do not obsess over your dress size number. It is common for bridal sizing to run smaller.

Schedule a Fitting Early & During the Week

By scheduling an appointment during the week, you can avoid the weekend rush. The customer service will likely be better, and you won’t feel rushed by having to compete with other brides scouring the wedding racks. Only make appointments with bridal salons that are within the range of your established budget, and offer the styles or designer you prefer.

Focus on How the Dress Makes You Feel

Share the vision of your future dress with the consultant for your gown, who can help match styles that go with the feeling you want to evoke. Do you want to exude a vintage, modern, chic or traditional look? Once you have chosen the vibe you desire, it can help you easily narrow down your favorites.

Decide Who Will Be in Your Entourage

By bringing along a large group of people with you, it may make you feel overwhelmed and confused on which is your favorite dress. Of course, your loved ones will have only the best of intentions and be very excited for you. But, everyone has different tastes. What you truly feel is the right one can potentially get clouded by the judgements of others. Maybe stick to bringing only a few of your closest bridal party friends or family members, so you have more mental space to decide for yourself.

Do Not Eat a Big Meal Before Fitting

This may be obvious, but after eating a huge and comfort-food type meal, it can make you bloat and feel lazy. Eat something light and healthy so you feel energized and alert. Do not avoid eating a meal altogether, as that can make you feel light-headed or even pass out during the fitting.

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