Metropol Halls in Los Angeles

Metropol Halls in Los Angeles

Welcome to Metropol, one of the most recently constructed venue in Los Angeles and one of the most versatile facilities available to accommodate your formal or special events. Located in at 701 S Central Ave in Glendale CA, Metropol is home to multiple halls, either of which can be used to perfectly accommodate your event logistics and guest count.

Built in 2012, Metropol ballrooms offer a stunning, modern decor with traditional, luxurious accents to allow a modern backdrop for events while remaining appropriately decorated for formal occasions. Our Modern Ballroom is decorated with white interiors, an illuminating dance floor and crystal LED lighting. Our Millennium Ballroom boasts warmer, more elegant carpeting, drapery, and drop-ceiling chandeliers. Both halls within Metropol juxtapose the more conservative decor of our sister facility, Rennaissance, also located in Glendale, CA.

Features and Amenities

Metropol’s unique rooms, the Modern and Millennium Ballrooms, are designed to provide slightly different atmospheres to suit the varying tastes of our hosts. Both ballrooms exude a high quality atmosphere, unique to other venues in Greater Los Angeles. The Modern Ballroom accommodates up to 400 guests, is accompanied by a stage and 800 square foot dance floor, a reception area with an opulent, glass staircase that leads to a private bridal lounge and features LED lighting that can transform the hall color scheme to suit your special event. The Millennium Ballroom is a 300-person capacity hall. While it remains a modern atmosphere overall, the focus of the Millennium Ballroom decor is rooted in more traditional stylings, including an entrance-way fountain, white marble floor foyer, elegant carpet and drapery, and wooden-framed crystal chandeliers.

Modern Ballroom
Millennium Ballroom
  • Fits up to 400 guests
  • Custom design, custom-fit chandelier
  • 5,500 sq. ft. with 800 sq. ft. wide dance floor
  • Two large projection screens
  • Entrance through the Foyer
  • Entertainment Stage
  • Glass Staircase leading to Bridal Lounge
  • LED lighting with custom animation

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  • 300 guest capacity
  • Blend of modern build and elegant decor
  • 3,500 sq. ft. with 600 sq. ft. dance floor
  • Separate entrance with water fountain
  • Lovely center chandelier
  • South entrance White LED lighting with custom animation
  • Entertainment stage

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Hall Rentals

We are certain you’ll find one of Metropol’s halls a perfect compliment to your special event, formal party or celebration. If you are interested in getting further information regarding hall rentals, call us any time at  818-538-7799 or click over to our online quote request form. Simply fill out some basic information and one of our hall rental representatives will contact you shortly to discuss the details of booking your event at Metropol.

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