6 Tips for Simplifying Your Wedding

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If you’ve just started to plan your own wedding at a modern banquet hall Glendale CA couples love, it probably feels like everyone you meet is trying to give you tips on what to do. Many of these tips probably are useful and are certainly given with the best intentions. To be entirely honest, though, some of that advice is only going to make things more confusing.

In light of this, we want to share some of our top tips that are aimed at simplifying your wedding planning process.

  1. Have a concrete policy regarding kids.

Some couples invite all of these guests to bring kids along. Many couples even organize special activities for kids to enjoy during the reception at a modern banquet hall Glendale CA couples enjoy while the adults are mingling. However, if you’d rather have an “adults only” policy, you certainly have no reason to feel bad about that. Whatever you decide, try not to make exceptions for this rule. There’s no reason why you should be wasting time at your wedding explaining to Cousin Susan why her stepdaughter wasn’t invited even though your neighbor’s three kids are running around.

  1. Cut down on the paper products.

Fancy wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, ceremony programs, table number cards… These items can certainly add to the aesthetic of your wedding at a modern banquet hall Glendale CA turns to time and again, but they aren’t absolute must-haves. Instead of spending a ton of money on a calligrapher for wedding invitations, don’t hesitate to print or handwrite your invitations (or enlist a friend with great handwriting to help you!).

  1. Create a separate email inbox for wedding-related messages.

It’s easier than ever to plan your wedding online. From booking a caterer to talking with your wedding officiant about the ceremony, online communication can be the fastest and easiest way to get things done. Creating a separate inbox for wedding-related emails can help you separate and save any important messages that you don’t want to lose.

  1. Looking for reception entertainment ideas? Place disposable cameras on every table.

Just because things are digital now doesn’t mean that disposable cameras are any less fun! Professional photo booths with props can definitely be fun for wedding guests but a simple disposable camera can be just as fun — and it can help to break the ice if you have guests seated together who don’t know each other. And when you book a modern banquet hall Glendale CA couples adore, you get an elegant backdrop so even disposable camera photos turn out pretty good!

  1. Log off Pinterest.

There’s no shortage of wedding ideas on Pinterest — that’s certainly no secret. If you find yourself spending hours pinning your favorite ideas, you’ll likely start to feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. Instead of looking at what other people have done at their weddings, just focus on what you care about including in yours.

  1. Look for an officiant who is accessible and easy to talk with.

If you aren’t interested in having a traditional wedding in a church, a wedding officiant can be a wonderful resource for creating your perfect day. An experienced officiant will be able to guide you through the steps of planning the ceremony, right down to the last detail. If you want to have an especially unique or detailed ceremony, be sure to find an officiant who is accessible and is receptive to your wishes.

For more ideas or information on a modern banquet hall Glendale CA couples book time and time again, contact Metropol Banquets, today.

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