Newly Engaged? The First 5 Things You Should Do

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Congratulations! You or your partner has finally asked the big question, and now you are officially engaged! It is a huge moment in both of your lives, and now you are starting this new chapter together. However, it can be overwhelming and you may start to wonder what kinds of things you should do right after the proposal. Below is a list of the top 5 things you should do once you say “yes”!


  • Spread the News to Everyone: Obviously the very first thing you will want to do after becoming engaged will be to tell everyone about it! You will want to begin by telling the people closest to you, like your parents, best friends, and family. Sharing the news in person is always better than calling, but if you cannot see them in person go ahead and share your excitement over the phone! Once you have finished sharing the exciting news with your inner circle, head over to your social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and hit them with a gorgeous post. Include the ring, the actual proposal (if a picture was taken at the time) and a picture of you two together!


  • Get Ring Insurance: Although it may not be exactly romantic, it is necessary to get ring insurance right away! If your stone becomes loose, your ring falls into the sink and all the way down your garbage disposal, or if the wear and tear of life causes the band to fade, having ring insurance can help a lot. If your partner or yourself has not already looked into this or purchased a policy yet, you should definitely do it right away to avoid any mishaps.


  • Go Get a Manicure: You are now engaged! Go get a manicure to show off that ring! Every eye will be on your hand, so you will want to make sure your fingers are gorgeous and you do not have dirt under your nails. Getting a manicure will give you soft skin and clean, beautiful nails and cuticles so your ring will really glow.


  • Set a Budget: Something often overlooked at the beginning of an engagement is setting a budget for the wedding. It is easy to become so wrapped up in the fantasy of getting married that you do not set a budget for the big day. Many brides begin planning without a budget, and this can lead to major expenses in the long run. Do not book anything until you know exactly how much you and your partner are willing to spend. Ask both of your parents if they would be willing to contribute to anything, so that you can factor that in as well. Map out a plan to set aside some of each of your incomes and create a guest list. Draft up a copy of who you would both like at the wedding, and decide if you want children to be present as well. This will help you budget a caterer, venue, and table seating.


  • Narrow Down Your Wedding Date and Book Your Venue: You want to make sure you have a few possible wedding dates in mind before you go and tour venues or interview caterers. Also, photographers usually require a venue in advance so that they can map out their picture scenes. Are you and your partner both opting for an outdoor wedding? Consider sunny seasons, where it will be warm and not too brisk outside. If you both want an indoor wedding, your dates will open up, but rainy days and seasons can cause a lot of guests to cancel, especially if they are traveling far. Make sure that you and your partner are both free on those dates, as well as your parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen.


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