Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Reception Venues in Glendale, CA

Every bride-to-be has a long list of items that need to be checked off on their wedding to-do list, including visiting reception venues in Glendale, CA to find the right one. But it can be daunting to check off each of these items when you look at the average cost of many of these items. And although many brides decide to do a DIY wedding in order to save money, there are many ways that you can still have the wedding you dream of that is both affordable and not DIY!

Find a Package Deal

Many vendors offer clients packages which include many of the services you need but at a discounted price. Vendors usually have different packages to choose from where different services – catering, photographer, florist, and music – are all available. One-stop shopping at a great price.

When You Don’t Have a Fairy Godmother to “Whip” Up Your Dress

The cost of wedding dresses can be almost as much as the entire wedding reception. Many brides find there are other options that are just as lovely at a much more reasonable price. Some of the places a bride can shop for the perfect dress are:

  • Wedding shows that have wedding dress samples for sale with deep discounts
  • Consignment shops
  • Online consignment websites
  • Trunk shows
  • Online retailers
  • Consider prom and bridesmaids dresses, especially if you are looking for something different than the traditional white wedding gown.
  • Consider having a dress made just for you. This can actually be less expensive than many wedding dress shops charge.

Options for the Groom

Not too many people own their own tuxedos so the groom and groomsmen will most likely need to rent their tuxes if that is the look you decide to go with. Many shops will include one free tux (for the groom) if a certain number of tuxedos are rented for the day. Even with the discounts, however, the price to rent can still be high, so many couples choose a different look for the men in their wedding.

Some grooms decide to purchase a suit and for those who get a good deal, the cost of the suit they get to keep can actually be less expensive the tux rental.

Another option is go cool/casual by skipping the suit coat or jacket and just wearing a dress shirt, tie, and pants.

If you have theme to your wedding, you can dress to match the theme. A country/rustic wedding theme can be made even more fun with a groom in cowboy boots and jeans. Khakis and with a shirt goes great with a beach theme.

Don’t Forget the Prenup

Along with all the things you need to address for your wedding plans, you should also consider contacting a family lawyer to discuss drafting a prenuptial agreement. The pros of having a prenuptial agreement includes:

  •       Keep premarital assets separate
  •       Keep premarital debt separate
  •       Keep inherited property separate
  •       Determine what a divorce settlement would be.

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