Is Pre-Wedding Therapy for You?

Is Pre-Wedding Therapy for You?

Couples counseling is not just for people who are going through problems in their relationship. It can be beneficial for couples who want to prepare for the journey of marriage through gaining skills in communication, vulnerability and honesty. There is so much that can be gained through talking with a therapist before your wedding day. In the article below, we have listed the various reasons as to why therapy can be a wonderful step forward towards beginning your marriage with a clear heart and mind.


There is one common advantage to pre-marital counseling, which is learning how to work through issues now rather than after years into the marriage. You both may have expectations about what marriage should be like, and opening up about fears or needs is best to be worked out before saying “I do.” A therapist can help guide you both into practicing a more effective way of communicating. So when a serious issue comes up sometime within your marriage, you are already equipped with skills to work through it on your own.

Identifying Beliefs

A therapist can help you both identify your priorities, beliefs, morals and opinions about important topics. A few key topics you can go over in a therapy session can include whether you want children, religious preferences, financial status, family issues and more. Talking about these things can assist in confirming your confidence in the relationship, or make you realize there are topics you may to agree to disagree on for the future strength of your marriage.

Unbiased Perspective

The goal of a therapist is to encourage communication in a safe and comfortable place. Your therapist can act as an unbiased party, who helps you each recognize your relationship strengths and areas that may need improving upon. Your therapist job is to be supportive, not take sides, and instead encourage you both to communicate effectively in a non-judgmental environment.

Prevent Divorce

By learning how to communicate, working through any lingering resentments, identifying strengths and weaknesses in your relationship dynamic can help protect against divorce happening in the future. You are both strengthening your relationship skills in order to handle disagreements in a way that is more beneficial, and less hurtful. Sometimes in the heat of a discussion we communicate from a wounded place and in a defensive manner. Experiencing therapy together can help you practice talking out things with openness and vulnerability.

The idea of therapy can be an intimidating one, as it may at times require talking about things are not so comfortable or pleasant. However, by working through these issues it can bring you and your significant other closer together as the wedding day approaches. You can even talk about how you both are feeling wedding day jitters and nervousness. By openly expressing any fears, it can take away the weight of your worries in addition to establishing more trust with your partner, since you are expressing a deep inner part of yourself. Marriage can be a beautiful journey, especially for two people who are willing to try anything to help get it started on the right footing.

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