Questions to Ask Prior to Booking an Event Venue

Event Venue Glendale CA

Event Venue Glendale CACoordinating an event can be an exciting yet daunting task. While there is more than one option for an event venue in Glendale CA, it is important to anticipate everything you may need before choosing a specific venue. From our experience at Metropol, we know that planning an event like a business meeting or a wedding reception requires careful attention to details. You may benefit from asking yourself and the event venue several questions in advance. Here are some suggestions:

Can the event venue in Glendale CA accommodate the number of guests we plan to have for the event?
This may seem like an obvious question to think about, however, it can be forgotten in the stress of organizing the event. It is important to look at your guest list and estimate how many people will attend. While having a space large enough to accommodate all of your guests is important, it is also important that the event venue in Glendale CA that you choose isn’t too large. Booking a room that has too much empty space can dampen the excitement and cost more than you need to spend.

What is my budget for the event?
Having a set budget for an event venue in Glendale CA, catering, event planner, photography, lighting, liquor, entertainment, and invitations is important for planning. When you are considering venues, be clear on what they charge and if you need to pay a deposit upfront. The venue may be able to save you money by recommending caterers and others who provide quality services but charge less than some of their competition.

What is the theme and flavor of the event?
Once you’ve determined the theme of the event, it may be easier to narrow down the choices for an event venue in Glendale CA. If you would like assistance with decorating the space, ask the venue’s manager if they have suggestions.

Can I use my own caterer and bring my own liquor?
Some venues require that you use their caterer or someone off their list of preferred caterers. If you like their options for caterers, there is not an issue. However, for many people, providing quality food is critically important when considering an event venue in Glendale CA. If you are not familiar with their services, request a sample tasting of the types of food you want to offer at your event. In addition to using a caterer, some venues require you to purchase their alcohol through them. Other venues allow for you to bring your own liquor and you just have to pay a corkage fee and use their bartender. The liquor serving choices will be greatly influenced by local liquor laws and may be out of the hands of the event venue for legal reasons.

Are there extra charges for parking, Wi-Fi, corkage, or audio/visual?
Extra costs can add up quickly when you rent an event venue in Glendale CA. It is important to get written quotes for all costs so you can include them in your budget.

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