The Many Questions Couples May Have About a Wedding Venue

Modern Wedding Venue Los Angeles, CA

Picking the right modern wedding venue Los Angeles, CA offers can be one of the toughest and yet most crucial decisions that a couple to wed must decide upon. The couple may have plenty of questions for a venue representative about costs, guest capacity, backup plans for poor weather, and many more. Here in the article below, we have answered a few questions that a bride or groom may want answers for, before putting a deposit down for a venue date!

How can I get more prepared for a venue tour?

One great way to get more ready for your tour of a venue is to write down a list of questions before arriving. It can be easy to forget the inquiries you had as you stroll along and are in awe of the property. Get your thoughts onto paper and take it with you, so you can jot down information to consider later on.

What is the average number of guests per wedding?

The average amount of guests for weddings is approximately 100-125 people. Before deciding on a venue, you may want to solidify your guest list first to ensure that it can fit the number of guests you wish. When talking with a venue representative, ask what the maximum is for guests, so you do not exceed the cap and then have problems on wedding day.

What if the venue does not have enough parking?

Sometimes, a wedding venue does not have sufficient parking spaces to fit all your guests vehicles. Or, there may be no parking at all. One great option for this scenario is to hire a shuttle to transport your guests to and from the celebration. While this does add an extra cost to cover, it can take significant stress off of you and your guests regarding travel. You can hire a shuttle per hour or all day, based on your needs.

Do venues ever offer a backup plan if it rains?

Not all venues offer another option if the weather is wet and stormy. If you choose an outdoor wedding venue and there are no rooms that can be used as a backup, ask if you are able to rent tents at the last minute if needed. Many venue representatives can be flexible with this as long as it does not commit any building code violations. Worst case scenario if it does rain, have a loved one or friend run an errand to buy a large quantity of umbrellas to hand out as guests arrive.

Can I ask for a bridal area to get dressed before the ceremony?

During your tour of the venue, as the representative if they have any rooms available as your getting ready area. They may or may not have a separate space depending on the layout of the property. If they do not have dressing area for you, consider renting a room at a nearby hotel to do your finishing up. Having a quiet and secluded space can also help calm nerves before the ceremony starts.
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