Tips & Tricks for a Serendipitous Wedding Day

When planning for the big day, there are so many suggestions out there to help make it the perfect wedding happen. Don’t worry so much about knowing everything. It is going to be a serendipitous event filled with love and support from all of your loved ones. It will be a beautiful day whether a small detail is remembered, or forgotten. To make things a little easier though, we have listed here a few tips and tricks so you feel more confident when preparing for your day of bliss and joy.

#1 Count Your Guests

Before shopping for the venue, count how many guests you plan to invite, so you have enough spaces for all of your loved ones. Finding a venue you love, then finding out there is a guest limit below your attendance count can be disappointing. You may walk away feeling like you wasted your time or questioning whether to cross people off your list.

#2 Pay Attention to Mother Nature

When deciding on location and venue (whether indoor or outdoor), consider mother nature. Are you planning the wedding in the fall? Is it usually windy or rainy around that time? If you want a date during the summertime and the ceremony outdoors, plan for a time of day that is the least scorching.

#3 Plan Things in Order

It can quickly feel overwhelming when thinking about all the events and parties you have to organize even before the big wedding day. Plan based on chronological order of what is coming up the soonest. This is to help keep you from taking on too much all at once.

#4 Learn About Marriage Licenses

Look online to figure out what your state requires for marriage. Contact the county clerk’s office to ask when they are open. Sometimes, even if the office is open most of the day, they may only offer marriage licenses during select hours. Give your maid of honor a copy of your marriage license, in case you misplace yours sometime before the wedding.

#5 Bring Loved Ones Dress Shopping

The idea of finding the right dress for you can feel exciting yet nerve-racking. Bring along a couple close members of your bridal party and/or family. Try to avoid from bringing a huge group of people, as too many opinions can start to make you question your favorites.

#6 Establish a Children Policy

You can either welcome children to your wedding, or opt for adults only. The venue may have a children daycare area, so their parents can enjoy the ceremony and reception. If you have several people in your family with very young babies or children, it can take away from your ceremony if kids are screaming and crying. It is okay to state you want an adult’s only wedding. You may hurt some feelings, and risk some family members or friends not being able to attend if they cannot find a sitter. But, it is your day. So you should celebrate this special event how you so wish.

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