Top 5 Questions You May Be Forgetting When Planning an Event

Hosting a wedding, event or office party can be very stressful. It takes patience, determination and some fine detailing. Creating a to-do list to check off as you accomplish each task will confirm all aspects have been covered. There are a few things you may not have considered when finalizing your event. Your food, entertainment and location are just as important as personality, venue décor and having a resource for moving items. Below are the top 5 questions you may be forgetting when planning the event.

What is the Personality of your Catering Company?
The type of cuisine and spirit of your catering workers has the great power to set the tone and initial feel of the party as soon as guests arrive. It is a representation of who you are and sends a message for how the experience will make you feel. Many hosts forget the importance of meeting with your catering company workers to ensure they are friendly, helpful and have a positive attitude. A server who seems stressed can make guests feel not as warm and welcoming.

Will Your Venue Need Added Décor?
Your venue will likely be a beautiful environment already, but will need accents in order to convey the feel you want your guests to experience as soon as they walk through your doors. Is your theme more vintage, yet the available furniture is modern and classic? You will need to purchase décor that enhances your theme so you don’t leave visitors guessing about the theme of your event.

Should You Hire a Moving Company?
A moving company can be a great asset when it comes to preparing for your event. They can move any furniture or fragile décor into the venue, with the assistance of your coordination. This prevents you from having to do any heavy lifting, so you can focus energy on other tasks at hand. Some moving companies also offer cleaning services. If your budget is lower for the venue and you need to give it some TLC, these services can come in handy to make the room feel clean and spotless. The last thing you want is for guests to observe dust bunnies or dirt patches on the floor when they arrive. A long distance moving company Long Island NY residents often use can help with your move.

Marketing & Publicity
You likely already have an idea of what your target audience is for the party. Most often a host will post flyers and posters about the event within the community, but then the marketing stops there. It can help your event get more attendance by sending out emails, utilizing social media and even contacting radio stations to see if they can interview you about your event on the air. Posting an ad in newspapers and magazines are a great way to reach a wide range of people.

Don’t forget why you are hosting this party, and try to enjoy yourself along the way. Many hosts get caught up in the details, which are important, but it will show more brightly if you make decisions while in an optimistic mindset. Keep your head up and the event will shine!

Thank you to Suburban Solutions for giving us information on the range of services moving companies may offer.

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