Top Wedding Venues in Glendale

Top Wedding Venues in Glendale

How Can I Transform a Venue for My Wedding?

Top Wedding Venues in GlendaleYou can turn any space into something spectacular, and trust us, as a top wedding venue in Glendale, we have seen all kinds of creativity within our space. If you are trying to wow your guests from the moment they enter, take a look at our tips for transforming a venue into a memorable wedding reception.

Shine a Light on the Bright Things

Light is one of the best elements of an event. You can use it the highlight the best parts of the venue while at the same time hide those details that you might not love. Patterns can be projected on the dance floor or ceiling. The mood can be altered with light washes of violet, magenta, and amber. Some top wedding venues provide limited lighting, but you can talk with a lighting designer or event planner at Metropol for more information.

Take Advantage of Flower Power

You might have thought about using centerpieces on all of your tables, but don’t limit the power of flowers to just these places. Hang vines or buds from lines on the ceiling. Place petals throughout the room or dangle then from the windows. There is so much you can do with fresh blooms when you use your imagination.

Pull out the Props

If you think the space is too big, don’t hesitate to bring in plants, large vases, and artwork. All of these props can fill out space, hide unfavorable elements, and set the right kind of atmosphere for a wedding in Glendale.

Set Up Fun Stations

Adults do like to have fun. If the venue provides the space, why not add some photo-op areas, or perhaps a candy bar? You can try food stations with dishes from around the world, or favorite dishes of the bride and groom, to take things up a notch.

Other Tips for Transforming Your Wedding Venue

  • Place tables on one side of the room, leaving a large space for dancing.
  • Put squared and rectangular tables together to change the shape of the furnishings.
  • Hang fabric from the ceilings, but make sure the colors match your theme.
  • Get creative with the music.
  • Rent and hang chandeliers to add formality.
  • Bring in beautiful paper lanterns to add color and tone things down.
  • Use coverings on the chairs
  • Put fresh flowers in the bathrooms.
  • Consider a children’s play or art area to keep them busy.

Confirm Things With the Venue

Before you rent lighting, chandeliers, curtains, art, or other types of decor, you should check with your venue to find out what they may and may not allow. If there is a rule that says you cannot hang anything from the ceiling or walls, you’ll want to know ahead of time. In doing so you can prevent any setbacks with your decor and overall wedding venue transformation!

Metropol: One of the Top Wedding Venues in Glendale

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