Wedding Banquet Hall Los Angeles, CA

Wedding Banquet Hall Los Angeles, CAWedding Banquet Hall Los Angeles, CA


You have probably watched your friends spend thousands on their wedding and their Los Angeles, California wedding banquet hall and thought, “is it possible to have a nice wedding and reception without going in debt?” Well, it certainly is possible if you change your expectations from trying to wow your friends and relatives to focusing on the celebration and the importance of the ceremony to you.


If you have a set amount to spend on your wedding, the first step is to set up a spreadsheet to track all your expenses. You may need additional spreadsheets to manage the venue, caterer, florist, and photographer estimates.


Los Angeles, CA Wedding Banquet Hall Visits


Physically go see several venues. Check out the reception space for each Los Angeles, California wedding banquet hall you go to.


  • Is it big enough? Is it too big or too small?
  • How is the lighting?
  • What type of tables and chairs do they provide? Are there different configurations you can choose from?
  • What is included in the price?
  • What items are considered extras?

Set up?



AV Equipment?


  • Check out the size of the bathrooms
  • Are you required to use their caterer or list of caterers?
  • Is there a dance floor?
  • Can you bring a DJ or band?
  • Is there a price break for having my event at a non-peak time?
  • Do you have to purchase alcohol from the venue and is it a per person charge?
  • Can you bring in your own bartender and alcohol?
  • Is there ample parking? Is there an option for a valet?
  • Is there a charge for plating the wedding cake?




Flowers are a beautiful part of your wedding but they can be expensive. There are a few alternatives you can check out to see if you can cut your flower budget a bit. There are pick-your-own flower farms where you can choose the flowers you want, pick them fresh and then make your own bouquets. Perhaps a friend or family member could volunteer to put the bouquets together for you. This is also a great way to decorate the tables at your reception. Fresh flowers in simple vases add a simple elegance to the decor.




This is one area you need to do your research. Good photographers are expensive; however, your pictures will be a lifelong reminder of your wedding day and something you can pass along to your children. Interview several photographers. Check their references and portfolios. How many photographers will be working at your wedding and reception? How many hours will they be there taking photos? What kind of photo package is included in their price? Will they give you a digital copy of all photos? Will they take candids of your guests during the reception?


Be sure to express your expectations to the photographer so that you are not disappointed with the results. Don’t forget to ask around — there may be a talented photographer just getting started that will photograph your wedding for a much lower fee than a professional. Do your homework on this one.


Reception Decor


No need to reinvent the wheel here — chances are what you’d like to see in terms of decorations at your reception has been done in some form by someone else. Check out social media for brides selling their wedding and reception decor and get some great prices for very slightly used items.


Contact Metropol today to come see our wedding banquet hall Los Angeles CA couples recommend. We offer solutions for any budget. We can also provide you with a list of local vendors for all your wedding needs.


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