On your wedding day, don’t assume that most eyes will be on your beautiful bride. You, the groom, have the responsibility of looking good and carrying your side of the duties as well. For men, this can be stressful in its own ways. Is that speech polished and rolling off your tongue with ease? Have you set aside what you are going to wear? Do you know what is expected of you? With so many items to check off your list and getting it all done in time, Metropol Banquet staff wants to lend a hand and point you in the right direction with the list below.

1. Don’t stay out late the night before

If you were out with close buddies, having that one last night out of boozing and being rowdy, make sure you come home to get the proper rest, because there will be plenty of drinking the night of your wedding and maybe the day after. If you wake up with a hangover, be the man your bride expects at the altar. Take a shower, take an Advil, drink plenty of water. Brush your hair and your teeth. In short, look your best.

2. Shave

All eyes will be fixed on your face. Guests will be shifting glances from your beautiful bride to you and back, and as you look into your bride’s eyes make sure your face is cleanly shaven and looking healthy. If you think you might get very nervous on the big day, hire a barber to give you that clean soothing treatment. You deserve it.

3. Wear comfy, stylish (and clean) underwear.

Just wear everything that’s clean. Yes, men need to be reminded of that, sometimes, and for obvious reasons. Your nerves (and drinking the night before) can make you sweat, and that is never a good impression. Your wife is doing her part to look sexy on wedding night. Why not do the same and surprise her. Emphasis on “surprise her,” don’t shock her. Let your humor show when choosing funky boxers or briefs to wear, but don’t startle your woman on your first night at husband and wife.

4. Eat breakfast.

This meal is the most important on your wedding day. Make it high in protein and complex in carbs. It will take a while to break down in your body and keep you going especially since you may not get to eat for hours and miss out on the food during the reception. Drink plenty of water.

5. Call on Your Wolfpack

Make sure your bros (close friends) remember to do all of the above. OK, maybe keep the underwear advice to yourself. But make sure they all know the schedule and any tasks they need to have performed by then. Also important to remind them what is expected from them as classy young men representing you. Yes, the goal is for everyone to have fun, but hitting on every single girl, turning the wedding venue into a frat house party is a “no.”

6. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready

It’s important to get a goodnight rest, but make sure to time everything in advance so you can wake up refreshed while having enough time to get ready. You want to relax and take your time and enjoy the whole process and not turn into a sweaty stressed out mess.

7. Have the Rings on You

Make sure you keep the rings on you and actually know where they are. To help with this task, make your groomsmen in charge of this one. It is one with a real significance. Make sure your ring bearer shows up on time and brings the rings.

8. Have a moment with your parents

Brides dance with their fathers and grooms dance with their mothers. Make sure to not exclude one of your parents by taking a short time and doing something a tad exclusive with them, at the wedding, and thank them for all they have done for you.

Take a look in the mirror. You are feeling good, and looking good, go get your future wife and show her how much you care, and be the leading man she always wanted. Be a good host, smile and have a blast.

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