Should We Have Our Wedding Indoors Or Outdoors?


When it comes to planning your wedding day, an important consideration is whether to hold the festivities in the outdoors or at an indoor venue. Each has its advantages, but depending on your needs, one may work for you better than the other. Here are several considerations to keep in mind and which may help you make a decision on where to hold your wedding.


One of the biggest considerations is the weather. This is more of a concern at some times of the year than others. For instance, if you plan to hold your wedding outside during the rainy season, you need to make contingency plans if the weather turns for the worst.

  •         Outdoor venue: if it might rain, snow, or otherwise turn uncomfortable for guests, consider renting a tent. It will need to be large enough to accommodate your guests so they don’t feel cramped. Consider a tent with walls to keep out the elements.
  •         Indoor venue: as long as there is suitable parking even if it snows, it shouldn’t be affected by the weather.


Whether it’s a vow ceremony or a reception, people will be seated for some time and so should feel comfortable.

  •         Outdoor venue: make sure the ground is flat enough that chairs will remain steady. Will there be wheelchair access if needed? If people will have to stand, you’ll need to keep the ceremony short. Outdoor seating should take environmental factors into consideration. For instance, will the sun be in their eyes, making it painful or impossible for them to see the ceremony? Will it be too windy for them to hear the ceremony? Is there a substantial amount of air traffic, or car traffic, sirens, etc. that could make it difficult to hear?
  •         Indoor venue: will the chairs be comfortable? Will there be wheelchair access if needed?


Rare is the wedding ceremony that does not include music. Though it may not be playing while the betrothed exchange vows, you may choose to have music play before and afterward, and throughout the reception.

  •         Outdoor venue: If you will hire a live band, will they have access to electricity for amplifiers, microphones, and electric instruments? A generator may not be practical as the noise will likely interfere with the music and may not be compatible with their equipment. Will there be ambient noise to distract from the music? For instance, airplanes flying overhead, traffic noises, etc. Will there be tables or carpets on which they can set their equipment to protect it from dirt and sand? The same questions apply for pre-recorded music though if you use a portable, battery-operated player with speakers, you can avoid some of these issues.
  •         Indoor venue: Are there conveniently located outlets for a live band to use or to plug in a portable music player? Does the venue have built-in speakers you can connect to with your music source, or do you need to bring your own? As a nice bonus, does the venue offer specialized lighting that can be synced with your music?

When considering venues, it’s best to visit them in person to get a true sense of their potential.  If you’re looking for a beautiful modern indoor wedding venue, contact Metropol Banquet today.

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