Wedding Reception Hall Glendale CA

Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding Reception Hall Glendale CAIf you’re looking for a wedding reception hall Glendale CA residents love, bring your wedding celebration to Metropol for intimate yet spacial setting where you can wine, dine, dance, chat, and have fun. Carefully designed seating will give your guests access to a view of all the action, plus the opportunity to socialize with others all night long. Decor is accented by lighting, music, and the sounds of laughter from family and friends. Compliment the evening with tasty signature dishes prepared by our caterers. As a top wedding reception hall Glendale CA couples recommend, we work hard to ensure your special day is one that you will always cherish and remember. Having hosted many successful weddings to all different kinds of families and guests, we understand what is needed to create a beautiful space you can truly call your own.

Customizable Amenities at Metropol

Metropol offers a number of amenities that are not always available at other wedding reception hall Glendale CA can provide. Regardless of how big or small your wedding might be, we offer newlyweds the opportunity to customize the lighting, decor, sound, catering, and more. As a wedding venue, we offer expert event coordinators who can work with you through each step of your wedding planning to create the celebration that you wish for. To learn more about our Glendale wedding reception hall, please email us today.

Tips for Finding the Right Wedding Venue

Before you book a wedding reception hall in Glendale CA, you’ll likely want to explore the many different options that are available to you. The following tips can help you to decide on the right place to hold your wedding and/or reception.

1. Discuss Your Wishes With Your Fiance: As you prepare to plan out your big day, take time to talk with your fiance about the kind of wedding you want. Be prepared to compromise with one another should you both have different ideas. For instance if one of you would like a summer wedding and the other wishes for a winter wedding, consider meeting in the middle with a fall or spring celebration.

2. Civil Ceremony or Church Wedding: What kind of ceremony do you want? Once you choose, it will be a good idea to look for a wedding reception venue that is within a 20-30 minute radius of the wedding location.

3. Set a Budget: Developing a budget early on might help you to shortlist potential options. Don’t forget to include food and alcohol (if you are offering) into your budget, as this typically takes a large amount of it away.

4. Consider Your Guests: Think about where most of your guests will be coming from. It is not a good idea to host a wedding in a location that is difficult to get to or will cost a lot of money in taxi fares.

5. The Number of Your Guests: Although you might only have an approximate number of guests, use this to choose a wedding reception hall Glendale CA offers that is not too big or too small. In general it is always better to book a larger space than one that could become cramped.

6. Your Wedding Date: If you have set a wedding date, you should check to see whether or not the venue you have in mind is available.

Celebrate Your Big Day at Metropol

If you would like to discuss your wedding with our staff or would like to schedule an in-person tour of a wedding reception hall Glendale CA guests will remember, please fill out our online form today.

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