Wedding Venue Tips: The Do’s & Don’ts

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One of the more exciting yet stressful decisions a couple will have to make for their wedding day, is choosing the right venue based on needs and desires. When it comes to the final few favorites and ultimate decision, we hope these tips below help you arrive at a choice that provides you with relief and jubilance. There are many event venues for your events, however, there is one event venue Glendale, CA trusts with their wedding day, Metropol.

When trying to select the perfect event venue in Glendale, it is important to not get too hung up on the small details of a venue, as those minor factors will probably fall to the wayside as you enjoy your big day. Focus on the overall picture and make decisions from what feels most right in your gut.

#1 Do Consider the Bare Bones of a Glendale, CA Event Venue

Decide how much energy you and your significant other want to put into adding decor and furniture into your venue. In an attempt to save money, a couple may opt for a less impressive venue, but then agree to put money into sprucing it up. If there are many aspects of the room or outdoor area that you do not like, consider booking another spot. You may end spending thousands of unnecessary dollars trying to make a room you dislike into the perfect one, with perhaps disappointing results.

#2 Do Focus on What is Most Important

With so many decisions to make, it is all too easy to get overwhelmed and frozen under the pressure. Try to remember what mattered most to you in the beginning, before the stress of planning clouded your judgement. When visiting an event venue in Glendale, focus on your budget and how it makes you feel to be in the reception and ceremony area. Do you feel giddy and excited? Is the staff accommodating and friendly? If you can find ways to relax before making the final choice, the right pick can come to you more instinctively.

#3 Don’t Forget to Ask About Deposit Before Showing Up

Call the venue and ask ahead of time how much of a deposit they need in order to book a date. If you love the place right away and don’t need any time to think about it, you can make sure you have shown up with enough to sign papers after the tour.

#4 Do Trust Word of Mouth

If friends and family recommend a Glendale, CA event venue, it can be worth checking out. It can make all the difference to have someone you trust tell you about their experience at a venue, versus judging the reliability of a stranger on the internet. Plus, if you name drop those who suggested the venue to you, the representative may throw in a decent discount.

#5 Don’t Rule Out a Venue Based on Photos Online

Sometimes, an event venue just looks better in person. Do not always judge a venue by the photos posted online. Depending on who took them, it could have been a poor camera with an unflattering flash. You just never know. Sometimes going there for yourself can provide you with the most accurate judgement.


By focusing on the big picture of your event and following your instincts, choosing an event venue should be a relatively simple task. Speak with your friends and family about the event venue Glendale, CA recommends. Metropol is a wonderful and unique event venue that can fit your every need. Contact Metropol today to schedule a site visit.

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