What are Red Flags that a Wedding Venue is Not for Us?

Wedding Venue Glendale, CA

We may read plenty of articles on the internet that talk about what we should look for in a wedding venue. But perhaps even just as importantly, we may want to consider what we do not want in a potential wedding venue. Every couple is unique, and has a certain style they want to express for their celebration. Choosing a wedding venue can provide that certain vibe and energy a couple is looking for. During a tour of a wedding venue Glendale, CA offers at Metropol, a couple may want to keep an eye out for signs that a space is not the right one for them. Please read on to find out the answer to the question: What are red flags that a wedding venue is not for us?

The Customer Service is Poor

If you attend a venue tour and the representative is not friendly, that may not be the best sign. The person giving you the tour should be trying to sell you on booking the venue! If they seem aloof, disinterested or inflexible about your needs, this is not likely to change on your wedding day. Sometimes unexpected things come up on the big day, and the last thing you need is venue staff who are not going to help you make it the absolute best, or find solutions for you.

The Property Does Not Have Enough Space

An easy and perhaps obvious red flag for a possible venue, is a space that cannot hold all of the guests on your list. If your list is only a few people over the maximum and the venue has zero flexibility in adding more, you can revisit your guest list. But, you may only want to reconsider your guest list if this venue is your absolute dream and you cannot imagine having your wedding anywhere else. If your guest list greatly surpasses the limit, it may be best to just move on.

The Venue Has Construction Planned

Do ask the venue representative if they plan on having any construction around the time of your wedding. The noises and appearance of a building under construction can have a serious damper effect on those celebrating a wedding. If you are interested in a venue that will have repairs to the property done close to your wedding date, keep in mind that sometimes construction does not always go as planned. If there are delays, you may experience interferences.

Reviews on the Internet are Mostly Negative

If you browse the internet and find that the majority of the reviews from people are negative, you may want to cross this venue off your list. While it is impossible to please everyone, if more than half of the comments are poor and include legitimate concerns (not just an angry customer venting), you may want to leave this option behind. If the poor reviews happened many years ago, you can always talk to the venue representative about your concerns to see what they have done to make improvements or changes since then.

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