What are the Reasons to Choose a Company Event Location?

coomunity business event at metropol glendale CA

There are many factors that go into ensuring the perfect venue is chosen for your company event. Being able to find a location that accurately depicts the purpose and tone of your event while also offering a large amount of comfort and amenities for all of your guests can be difficult.

Here are a few things to consider when trying to find a location to hold a memorable event for your company.

Easy accessibility: Your location definitely needs to be easily accessible. It should be relatively easy and safe to be able to get to and from the location. You should consider those who will be arriving by car, train, or airplane. If there are many people who will be driving themselves, you will also need to consider if there is enough parking available.

Lodging: Another important aspect to consider is lodging. It is a great benefit if you are able to get wonderful hotel rooms and a great meeting space all in the same facility, however, if you find two separate spaces that both work great, you can definitely make it work. If the company event is not taking place in the same space as the sleeping rooms, it is important to find hotels that are located close enough to walk or have an easy drive. It is important to find out if the hotel offers a shuttle to your meeting location. It also could be beneficial to find out if it would be cost-effective to rent a bus or van to drive a large group of people from one site to the next.

Budget: You should set clear guidelines of what your budget limits are right from the beginning so there is no misunderstanding at any point. If you find a location you really like, it may be worth talking to the venue to see if you are able to create a contract for a better price if you hold meetings there for multiple years.

Staffing: An important question to ask is if there will be enough staff to handle the size and the requests of your event. There should be enough servers, concierge services, and security to handle your group size. Another benefit would be if the venue had an on-site event planning director who would be able to help should any issues arise.

Internet: At some company retreats, you may want to go to a remote location to really get away from everything. However, you should ask if the location is able to connect to the internet and if there is cell phone service. If there is cell phone service, ensuring there are enough charging stations. If the location is able to provide internet and other technical services, you will need to ask if there is any technical support available during your time there.

Keeping these simple items in mind will help narrow down your search for the perfect event location. The best compliment you can receive when picking a venue is that your guests want to return next year.

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