What Should I Expect During a Wedding Venue Tour?

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When narrowing down your wedding venue options, it is important to take a tour! Many couples like to see the space in-person before signing a contract and putting down the deposit. Scheduling a tour is a great way to feel the energy of a property and ask questions to make sure it suits all of your big wedding day needs. Couples who have never done a venue tour before may wonder what they can expect to happen during the walk-through. Please read on to find out the answer!

Deciding Whether a Venue is Flexible

When doing a walk-through with a wedding representative, it can give you an idea about how flexible the staff are likely to be on your wedding day. When you talk with the representative about your needs, see how he or she responds. Do you feel supported? Do you feel embarrassed as if you are asking for too much? Sometimes, a venue has building codes they must follow where perhaps a request cannot be met.

But, if you feel as though there is absolutely no wiggle room and they are not willing to accommodate any needs, you may want to look elsewhere. In the months approaching your wedding date, it can help to have staff that is flexible, understanding and at least makes attempts to meet you in the middle.

Getting a Feel for the Vibe

It is possible that the photographs you saw online of a venue may not be quite the same when you actually get there in-person. Perhaps the photographs were old or misleading, and there have been major changes to the venue property since (for the worse!). By getting a tour, it can help you decide whether the venue feels right for you as a couple. It can be devastating to book before doing a walk-through, then coming to find out things were not what you had expected.

Whether You Feel Inspired, Or Not

The right wedding venue can make you feel inspired to decorate, and excited to keep moving forward with planning. You may also have ideas for how you wish to adorn the wedding space. By taking a look in-person, you can evaluate whether you are able to decorate how you so wish. For example, if you want an indoor celebration and plan to hang items from the ceiling, you will want to make sure they approve of this before signing a contract. Or, maybe you love the venue enough that you can revisit your original decoration plans.

Figuring Out Guest Needs

Ask the venue representative what the guest max capacity is for the area. If the property does not allow as many people as you have on your guest list by a significant amount, then it probably is not the right spot for you. Additionally, you can ask about wheelchair accessible pathways if you have guests with disabilities. Take a walk along these areas yourself to confirm they are safe for your loved ones with extra needs.

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