What Vibe Do You Want for Your Wedding Day?

Wedding Venues Glendale, CA

When it comes to wedding planning, choosing one of the right wedding venues Glendale, CA offers at Metropol is usually at the top of the to-do list. When first browsing for potential wedding venues, it can quickly become very overwhelming with how many options are truly out there. But, one way to help narrow down the bunch is by deciding what your wedding vibe is before choosing a venue for the celebration. Here in the article below, we have answered a series of questions to help get couples thinking about what wedding style, energy and message they want their venue to express.

What if I want something more relaxed and quirky?

Some couples want a less refined and more casual yet unique venue for their wedding day. A few great options for such a ceremony could be at a memorial or historic building, farm property, library, japanese garden, or museum. These venues can provide that quirky energy a non-traditional couple may desire.

What types of venues are the most classic choices?

More traditional choices for wedding venues can be a church, golf-course, large hall, hotel or court-house. Couples who want to express their religious or spiritual practice may want to look into properties that offer a more sacred space.

Should I plan what I want for the decor theme, before booking a venue?

It depends which you prefer to come first, the decor or the celebration space. If you book the venue first, you can then play around with ideas based on exactly what the space offers. But, you may find that it could lack the layout needed for certain decor items you want to use. For example, if you book an outdoor space but wanted the ceiling to be covered in lanterns, you may have to get creative or opt out of the idea altogether.

What are the benefits of choosing a more funky wedding venue?

In today’s culture, it seems as though many couples are starting to lean towards a more unconventional vibe to their wedding. Benefits of choosing a more unique venue with plenty of character, means that there may be much less decorating you have to do to accomplish the theme you were looking for. For example, choosing a historic building to celebrate your wedding can add that vintage flair you desire, where themed decor is no longer as needed.

What is something all couples-to-wed should keep in mind?

When browsing around venues, remember that this is your special day and nobody else’s. Couples may feel pressured by family or friends to have a certain type of wedding vibe. But, the wedding is about sending a message of who you are as a unit together. Try to listen to what your inner self and gut is saying when taking venue tours. If you overthink your decision and ignore your instincts, you could end up choosing a venue that does not quite match who you are as a couple. Keep this in mind when checking out venues and if a certain property just feels right, go with it!

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