Why Hire a Professional Caterer?

Why Hire a Professional Caterer?
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Event Venues and Outside Caterers

When many people are looking for an event venue in Glendale, CA, a common question comes to mind: Can I select my own caterer? While some people prefer their own caterer due to religious or cultural reasons, many people do not have a specific caterer in mind. For the most part, asking if they can choose their own caterer is more about flexibility and cost instead of questioning the catering options provided by the event venue. When a client asks about an outsider caterer, they are typically looking for ways to save some money and believe that the venue’s catering services won’t have as good of food and will cost more.

There are some common issues that take place when you use an outside catering service at an Glendale, CA event venue, so it is important to learn about them and learn how to avoid them.

Hire a professional caterer in California

There are many people who ask if their family member is allowed to use an event venue kitchen to cook for their wedding. At most event venues in Glendale, CA, the answer will be no. First of all, your family member will not be able to enjoy any of the wedding if they are stuck in the kitchen preparing food for the full guest list as well as they will be working through the whole celebration. In addition to that, many family members can cook for large families, however, catering for a large event is a whole different task. If anyone were to get sick from the food at your wedding, you could be held responsible. Caterers are trained in proper food preparation, cooking, and serving specifically to take as many precautions as possible to avoid someone getting sick. Professional caterers know how to cook a large amount of food in a timely fashion, will provide any items or equipment needed, and will limit your stress.

Where do they cook the food?

Some caterers prefer to cook the food in their own kitchen and bring you the prepared food at the event venue for Glendale, CA, while other caterers prefer to cook on site. You will need to decide if you want your food created fresh at the event location or have your food being transported to the site when it’s time to eat. Caterers that cook at the event site can do live cooking stations and can set up a field kitchen to prepare your meal on site. If you decide that is not important to you, you may be able to save some money by having the caterer prepare it in their own kitchen and just plate and serve the food at the event venue.

Do they have experience at a similar event venue?

If you choose your own caterer, it is important they are familiar and able to work in any type of event venue. Caterers should do a walk-through of your space to see what the Glendale, California event venue facilities are like and to work with the event team to understand the rules of the space.

Compare Costs with the California Event Venues Offers

When you book your event venue, your quote for catering will be all-inclusive. This means once you select your menu, you do not have to worry about anything. The venue has done this countless times and therefore they have thought of absolutely everything. Though you may receive a lower quote from an outside caterer, it is important to look carefully and really think through what an outside caterer would need to make your event perfect versus using the venue’s catering team.  Contact Metropol today to book the perfect event venue in Glendale, CA!

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